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Read 'n' eat

......it's edible....
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My idea is to have a shrink wraped edible newspaper,made out of sugar paper.There could be different flavours eg: cereal flavour for the 1st edition: lunchtime cheese and pickle, honey (in slices) or peanut butter etc. evening: any range from from curry to lasagna or sausage. Or sponge pudding and custard for the late supplement. Read and eat - enjoy.? Can be adapted to novels read at bedtime - read the page, rip out and eat, choc flavour. Must clean teeth afterwards.
gizmo, Nov 21 2001

is this better than mine http://www.halfbake.../tissue_20of_20lies
...........YES probably [po, Nov 21 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Existing variant: toast text messaging http://www.halfbake..._20Text_20Messaging
[jutta, Nov 21 2001]

Edible Ink & Paper http://www.tastyfotoart.com/Machine.html
All you need to start your edible newspaper business. (Normally used to print decoration for cakes.) [jutta, Nov 21 2001]

Edible Origami http://www.easyfuns...om/article1023.html
Place rice paper between damp towels to make it foldable, then fry and dust lightly with powdered sugar. [jutta, Nov 21 2001]


       nice one giz, are you a forerunner of the new race of halfbakers? pepperoni pixxa flavour please.
po, Nov 21 2001

       How about rice paper? Or tortillas? Throw in some beans, hamburger and cheese. Roll it up and enjoy your burrito.
phoenix, Nov 21 2001

       po: your idea would be great in our house. Read and wipe would suit my dad.   

       J K Rowling would cash in if the books had flavoured pages. (but not the horseradish flavour)
gizmo, Nov 21 2001

       Well, Since the typical coupon has an expiration date on it -- makes sense to use it or to eat it. It would be nice to choose to throw out newpaper inserts or snack out on them.
reensure, Nov 22 2001

       And a nice dry glass or two of Chablis wouldn't go amiss to wash it all down.   

       Rine and Woses
maggie, Nov 22 2001

       My dog would rush and read and eat the morning paper and there'll be none left for me.
neelandan, Nov 22 2001

       Rice paper's really disgusting to eat - it's too dry and I can't manage more than the little circle at the bottom of your macaroon. You'd need something moister like lasagne. Or lettuce.
pottedstu, Nov 22 2001

       //Can be adapted to novels read at bedtime - read the page, rip out and eat, choc flavour//   

       What? You haven't read all of your books at least twice? (currently reading an Asimov book for the 10th(?) time)   

       //shrink wraped edible newspaper// ---Then what would we use to line birdcages and whelping boxes?
Susen, Nov 22 2001

       susen: You want to try reading my school books! Actually it is quite an acheivement to read a 636 page Harry Potter book ONCE. I haven't forgotten any of it so I won't be reading it again. (just yet)   

       b: Bird cage liners?
gizmo, Nov 22 2001

       First ever story:   

       "Newspaper Naysayers Eat Their Words."
Guy Fox, Nov 22 2001

       ¯¯gizmo: Birdcage liners are put at the bottom of a cage to catch bird droppings so as to make the mess less of a handling concern. Same principle for aquariums except you'd want to weigh down the paper with gravel or sand.   

       Oh, and would it be too much to ask for the major food packagers to add a few strands of dental floss to packages of their products? A few shrink-wrapped 3×5 cards with 40cm (that's about 16¨) of floss—at least one per putative serving inside—should do.
reensure, Nov 23 2001

       Sorry about the bird cage thing. I didn't realise what the paper was for. Dental Floss shouldn't be too much of a problem.
gizmo, Nov 23 2001

       reensure - you are joking about aquariums surely, If you are, you sure got me going.
po, Nov 23 2001

       In England the Church of England has Holy Communion on Sunday mornings before which you shouldn't eat anything. During it you drink red wine and eat a wafer thingy that tastes like rice paper.   

       Perhaps the Communion wafer could have an All Day Breakfast Flavour and be impregnated with The Creed, that you have to spout. That way more people would take Communion and churches wouldn't become defunct.   

       Tholier than How
maggie, Nov 23 2001


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