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a diary product
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Thin sheets of filo pastry could be (half) baked so they are still flexible yet do not stick together. They could then be strapped together somehow to form a book, in which the owner could write addresses and schedules and stuff. When full, the "filo-pastry-fax" could then be re-cooked and eaten as either a savoury or sweet.
slancaster, May 08 2001

Edible Post-It Notes http://www.halfbake...e_20Post-it_20Notes
Halfbaked already, with glue on [hippo, May 08 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       [...obsessed with eating their words?] Good one, Peter. It has to be some sort of anxious compulsion, all right.
Dog Ed, May 08 2001

       I thought this was going to be about a facsimile machine. Perhaps a thermal print head could be used to bake an image into filo dough?
wiml, May 08 2001

       Of course, you could use a banana leaf instead of filo pastry, but then you'd have a palm-pilot rather than a filo-fax.
Or should that be a date leaf?
Talking of which, I seem to be taking one from PeterSealy's book here.
Not sure about the processed cheese though - 'e dam well better come up with a better idea than that if he wants to bake this one.
goff, May 09 2001

       "You'll eat those words" would make a decent addition to the tagline list, but I'll leave it for Peter to contribute, since it's really his idea.
beauxeault, May 09 2001


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