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edible baking paper

so that the toast dosnt stick to the bottom of the pot
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when the toaster is out of order.
pashute, Jan 06 2022

really baked https://inkedibles....Edible+Image+Sheets
[xandram, Jan 11 2022]

https://www.youtube...watch?v=feICXzdIGsw [pashute, Jan 11 2022]

Banh trang/rice paper https://en.wikipedi...%C3%A1nh_tr%C3%A1ng
[MechE, Jan 13 2022]


       Fried bread
pocmloc, Jan 07 2022

       If the toaster is broken, try putting bread under the broiler or over a flame…that is toast.
xandram, Jan 07 2022

       This is Pashute's daughter writing here. I regret to inform you that he is in the hospital after trying a1's suggestion. Please pray for his speedy and full recovery.
pashute, Jan 11 2022

       Scary, I went to reply and the idea had vanished! I see it was only a name change but still!   

       Should have tried my suggestion instead.
pocmloc, Jan 11 2022

       ^ or my suggestions   

       Now that you have changed the name, it’s really baked . see link
xandram, Jan 11 2022

       No. Those are for making paper to put ON TOP of the food with edible ink. I need something to put UNDER the food instead of oil, but which I can then eat.   

       So pocmloc, which one of the following is your suggestion?
a. Fry bread instead of toasting it. (Disadvantages: You need oil for that, and cleaning it is a hassle. Usually, oil is not very good for you)
b. Use a very thin slice of fried bread under the bread you want to toast. (Hmm... interesting. But then a pre-fried sheet of edible baking paper is better: You could fold it, tear it, and get more of them in a small package. No?
pashute, Jan 11 2022

       xandram, I read somewhere that over the flame is not healthy because of the gas with a smell added to the natural gas... But maybe that was just an urban legend.   

       Also, sometimes I just want the bread warm (from the freezer) and the pot on the stove has a different and better effect than using the micro.
pashute, Jan 11 2022

       a (except I would use bacon fat which is much healthier than oil).   

       b is an interesting suggestion, like a Chateaubriand toast. Almost worth its own idea.
pocmloc, Jan 11 2022

       OK on the under or over paper.   

       by flame I meant a fire or a grill. I have toasted things on my open burner of my propane gas stove and it seems OK. I think the problem being that most of us don’t think of toast in a pan. Fried bread is what it would be I believe…Warm bread is not toast either.   

       Rice paper made with potato starch is available.
xandram, Jan 11 2022

       Fried bread needs fat though. Bread toasted on a hot dry surface is definitely a "thing", but I don't know what it is rightly called. Look up griddle cakes maybe?
pocmloc, Jan 11 2022

pocmloc, Jan 11 2022

       The definition of toast is: /Sliced bread browned on both sides by exposure to radiant heat./   

       I believe that placing a piece bread in a frying pan is conduction heat, not the same as toast really. But I read that you can put a piece of bread directly into a skillet without any oil and it will sort of become toasted in two minutes on each side. Therefore you do not need the paper.
xandram, Jan 11 2022

       Various starch papers (rice paper/bahn trang), sushi type seaweed, and various leaves (grape in particular) all fill this role to an extent.   

       I'll admit, I don't know if any of those are suitable for a dry heat beyond a certain level without burning or shattering.
MechE, Jan 13 2022

That could work! By the time your paper/substitute has dried enough to fall to pieces, your toast is probably done. Give the toast a quick tap as you remove it from pan/whatever, & the shatterings fall off.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 13 2022

       But that's how this whole (I mean half) idea got started. I put the bread in an empty pot, and it got stuck.
pashute, Jan 21 2022


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