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Educational bathroom

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Anecdotal evidence suggest that on average we spend about 1% of our lives in bathrooms. Assuming the average life expectancy of the UK (78.2 years), this equates to approx. 286 days. This is valuable time put to waste Ithink...literally.

I always find myself trying to read something if I dont come prepared. consumer packaging like shampoo bottles, tootshpaste tubes, razor-packs, pretty much everything in my bathroom with words printed on it - I have most likely read. not only when I'm on the toilet, but in the bath/shower, brushing my teeth etc. To be honest I dont particularly find what i read to be interesting at all. Its all the same...everything just tells you how they differ from competitors with unneccesary USP's. Innovative ingredients for long lasting shine and protection in shampoo, new/improved whitening fomula in toothpastes, the only razor with (x) amount of blades. Really, I dont care for all this monotonous consumer brainwash malarky.

I would like to see all this packaged in educational material. Something I could take out of the proverbial room of waste and use in life. I envision this in a peel-away section with several layers on the reverse on the products, so more info can be packed in for days of short lessons. This section can contain random facts, current affairs, general knowledge, things that we will actually remember, and make us all the wiser.

shinobi, Nov 12 2005


       I left a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon book in the bathroom once, and a friend went to use the loo and ended up in there for 45 minutes.
moomintroll, Nov 12 2005

       Take a book. That's what everyone else does.
DrCurry, Nov 12 2005

       IT, you can't multi-task? :)   

       wondered where your first phrase was leading to...
po, Nov 12 2005

       I keep magazines in there too, but if you get a new issue once a month, or even bi-monthly you find yourself re-reading the same old stuff ALOT. It would be kind of nice to have something even marginally more interesting than counting the number of letters in some of those chemicals' names, which is what I usually do.
PollyNo9, Nov 13 2005

       I think this idea is a really good one, I never take books or magazines into the bathroom for fear of dropping them into the bath, or for my own paranoid hygiene reasons. But this information could be read and discarded, without worrying. Although I would say that repetition is key to learning new things - and once the packaging is discarded, the facts should probably be reiterated lest you forget them.
fridge duck, Nov 13 2005

       Shinobi, I know exactly what you mean - I've read the ingredients list on my husband's shaving foam more times that I care to mention whilst having a shower, and thanks to Lux I can now translate the words 'moisturising' 'creamy' and 'enjoyable' into three different languages, which will make for an exciting holiday next time I go to Amsterdam...
rubyminky, Nov 14 2005


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