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coming to you live, on the job
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How about putting a tv on the inside of the bathroom door, activated by saying your name or something. Then you wouldn't have to read all the crap on the back of shampoo bottles and stuff. You could have it totally voice-activated "channel 20", "volume up" etc. Shouldn't be too difficult.
FrancoCoylioni, Sep 22 2000

Intelligent room http://www.ai.mit.e...en/Globe/Globe.html
I'd say it's related, but I'm easily amused as well. [FrancoCoylioni, Sep 22 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Toiletron http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Toiletron
Toiletainment could show Toiletron High Scores. [hippo, Sep 22 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Restroom Door Advertising
[rmutt], too late. [jutta, Sep 22 2000]

Monte Christo Games: Gadget Tycoon http://www.montecri...factory/texte1.html
From the blurb: "Create toilets with TV, voice activated flush and built-in bidet action." [jutta, Sep 22 2000]


       I get bored very easily.   

       Besides, you might be in the bath or the shower, or shaving or something.   

       And you must have experienced the really stubborn numbers that require both effort and patience.
FrancoCoylioni, Sep 22 2000

       Well we have TV's, we have bathroom doors, and a remote control would be a "something", so I guess this idea already has a solution.   

       Um, just don't throw the door open too quickly...
Alcin, Sep 23 2000

       Stubborn numbers...like the terrible twos?
Must pee TV
thumbwax, Sep 24 2000

       Alternatively, you could place a wireless, touch screen, LCD web browser on the door.
jimfl, Sep 25 2000

       Or a WebCam. Oh hang on - maybe not.
hippo, Sep 25 2000

       [thumbwax] the terrible twos is right. sometimes you can be there for ages. much better to have something to think about while you're ' at it'
FrancoCoylioni, Sep 25 2000

       a webcam? now we're gettin into the realm of dodgy german videos containing baths women and squatting old men! nasty.
FrancoCoylioni, Sep 25 2000

       In a shared house I lived in some years ago, we had a collection of humorous books in the toilet, which we names (rather tweely) the Loobrery.
Mickey the Fish, Sep 26 2000

       Quick: delete this idea before some marketroid gets wind of it. I can hear it now: "That's it! TV advertising in public restrooms! It's a captive audience! Guaranteed eyeballs! We'll be RICH, I tell you, RICH!!!"
rmutt, Sep 26 2000

       [Mutt] all part of a cunning plan... [mickey the Fish] i like it... loobrary, could catch on.   

       maybe one section of the toilet door could be leased to amazon.com. the whole door could be your personal homepage. you could call the place a webicle or a W3C (instead of just W.C.)
FrancoCoylioni, Sep 27 2000

       Not a 'Pootal'?
hippo, Sep 27 2000

       [mutt, franco] In Britain we already have public toilets with poster advertising in them, tho not the inside of the cubicle door (coz you hang yr jacket there), just above the urinals and suchlike. It's sort of amusing coz it's always really macho products they advertise like wrestling video games (at least in the mens').
pottedstu, Sep 18 2001


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