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Toilet seat microphone

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This prank device would work best in a small bathroom separated from a common area by a door - as found in a residence or small shop. The microphone is taped under the seat. A speaker is hidden behind the toilet. Pressure on the seat turns on the microphone. All sounds then produced are amplified very loudly. Hilarity ensues!
bungston, Apr 02 2009


       This is by far the very best idea ever posted or conceived. +
vfrackis, Apr 02 2009

       That's evil. I gotta try this . . .
Bad Jim, Apr 04 2009

       Adaptation: Use a Baby monitor (then the occupant can hear the roars of laughter from the other party guests!)
Dub, Apr 04 2009

       ooh ooh ooh   

       i have an idea   

       in a supermarket toilet, instead of rigging the mic up to an amplifier, rig it up to the supermarket announcement thingy!!!   

       ***Ding-Dong*** Parp! Plop . . .etc . . .etc ***Thankyou For Your Attention***
SocialSuicide, Apr 05 2009

       This often happens in business seminars where the guest speaker is using a lavalier microphone. It's very common for someone to go to the restroom without turning off the PA system.
Jscotty, Apr 06 2009

       [JScotty] Good point, ...and am-dram productions, when the cast / sound crew have been insufficiently familiarised with the use of radio-mics   

       {Unable to give a second bun, so here's a PARP!}
Dub, Apr 06 2009

       The "accidentally wore wireless mike into potty" has been done many times. The idea here is that the involved parties are not aware amplification is taking place, and that the sounds heard emanating from the bathroom are natural.
bungston, Apr 06 2009

       I'm sure it would be fairly easy to unearth the bit from Naked Gun where Lt Frank Drebbin accidentally takes his wireless clip-on mike into the bathroom during an important press conference.
zen_tom, Apr 06 2009


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