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heat activated color changing toilet water
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You know those tablets which you put into toilet tanks that sanitize and/or add a color to the water in the bowl?

Well I propose a new concept for the tired old toilet tablet. If it were made containing a thermochromic chemical similar to the ones used in hypercolor t-shirts. Thus when pee'd upon, would change color.

This would be quite novel no?

Different colors would have differnt effects...for example: if the thermochromic chemical were red to begin with and turn blue upon contact with heat, then the yellow color of pee would turn the blue into green.

This would be like peeing into a rainbow...GENIUS

In production this would be a silly gimmick, but in concept I genuinely think its pretty clever!

shinobi, Jun 22 2005


       This is not new at all. When I pee into the toilet, the water already changes color. It changes from clear to yellow! Depending on what I'm doing it changes brown. Disgusting.   

       Thermochromic dye would be troublesome because toilet water is highly variable in temperature, and I do not want to pay for a climate control system for my toilet water. What you really want is a dye that changes color when exposed to ammonia, like a PH strip.
joeforker, Jun 23 2005

       Ahh, but when you flush the toilet the fresh waqter is exposed to the ammonia too...as for the variable temperature, thermochromic pigment is not all that sensitive, even if it were that just means more frequent color changing
shinobi, Jun 23 2005

       sp: GENIUS!   

       I think a pH or pregnancy testing version would be much more useful, for hypochondriacs everywhere.
moomintroll, Jun 23 2005


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