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future email address

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Remailing service: email forwarded to <month>-<day>-<year>@hostname.com bounces back to the sender at the date specified in the destination email address.
jutta, Jan 27 1999

Mail To The Future http://web.archive....re.com/public/logon
Dave Winer has given up on it by now. This is what it looked like back in 1999. [jutta, Jan 27 1999, last modified Feb 22 2008]

Futureme http://www.futureme.org/
This seems to be still alive [kamathln, May 19 2009]

Untyme https://untyme.com/
Dropbox for future messages, recipient must search for their name to find them. First five messages are free. [jutta, Nov 08 2020]


       You'll need a way to change the forwarding address when you change ISP.
clive, Aug 13 1999

       Wow, ten-year churn. Never seen one of them before.
nineteenthly, May 19 2009

       19 - I have added a special query to my account that lists all ideas sorted by date, earliest first. I go through the list and visit them if I find them interesting.
kamathln, May 20 2009

       10 years later, and it turns out Futureme continue to honour their promises! Thanks zen_tom for the message from the past.
zen_tom, May 20 2019

       [zen_tom] That is excellent! Have you sent the 2030 [zen_tom] a reminder to update this idea again?
hippo, Nov 09 2020


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