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Embroidered Skin

Dare to threadbare.
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"So, do you have any tattoos?" Tamar asked him sultrily. It was their first date, and the sparks were flying with fervor. She had a feeling that Slade was something of a "bad boy", and just her type.

"Well, it's not a tattoo, but I did just get this...." Reaching for his shirt sleeve, he slowly, suspensefully pulled it up to reveal his tanned and muscular bicep.

She couldn't believe her eyes. His arm was adorned with an enormous depiction of a human heart, a scroll unfurling across it with the letters M - O - M. But it was not inscribed in ink... the image was actually SEWN onto his arm! Rich hues of scarlet, vermillion, all within a bold black outline.

"But, how--?" she stammered. "It's a surgical suture, nylon monofilament," he explained. "It's an antigenic material that isn't metabolized by the body. Best of all, if I ever get tired of it, I can simply cut the stitches and pull them out." He smiled. "Putting 'em in hurt pretty good, though, so I'll probably have it for a while."

Then and there, Tamar knew that he was a keeper. Handsome and dangerous, with a fearless tolerance for pain? It was a combination that was impossible to resist. Plus, it was abundantly clear that despite his rugged exterior, this is a man who loves his mother.

nihilo, Jun 27 2006

Gettin' stitched http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suture
[nihilo, Jun 27 2006]

baked for baby dolls http://www.daintytime.com/tattoo/about/
[xandram, Jun 27 2006]

This is pretty close http://www.google.c...et+piercing&spell=1
[normzone, Jun 29 2006]

Wikipedia: Abiogenesis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abiogenesis
Tangent: "Spontaneous generation of worms" [jutta, Jul 03 2006]

Getting closer http://www.designbo...r-flesh-12-27-2013/
Embroidered skin! [nihilo, May 18 2014]


       sounds good to me- the only thing i would be worried about is to achieve the desired clarity would require LOTS of holes, these would probally never heal because the threads would move every time the arm does. This of course leads to infections. It would be cool to see though, with more texture than a regular tat.........
tatmkr, Jun 27 2006

       yeah, we used to sew our fingers together at the fingertips....   

       sp. patterns
xandram, Jun 27 2006

       all i got to do in home ec was make cookies
tatmkr, Jun 27 2006

       I don't really see how 7th-graders sticking sewing needles under their skin in class is the same thing as getting a surgical suture 'tattoo'. Unless now kids playing "doctor" is likewise tantamount to their having an actual medical degree.
nihilo, Jun 27 2006

       It's not the same, we just like to compare stuff. I didn't vote either way yet, as I haven't decided. It was fun to remember doing that, and I hadn't remembered until phlish brought it up.
xandram, Jun 27 2006

       Well, I love your link, [x]. If you think the old days were fun, just imagine the diversion with these updated methods!
nihilo, Jun 27 2006

       It's been thought of and done - but it's still good, and original for you so +
xenzag, Jun 27 2006

       Would leave scars when you removed it.
5th Earth, Jun 27 2006

       Just like a tattoo. Or the jaws of a vicious dog.
It's merely physical evidence of past toughness.
nihilo, Jun 27 2006

       I think I'll give it a bun, but I'd like to see *silk* thread. I own some single-strand Chinese embroidery pieces and if it could look like that, it would be quite exquisite.
xandram, Jun 28 2006

       The real opportunity is fiberoptic fiber.
theircompetitor, Jun 28 2006

       In home ec, I learned spontaneous generation of worms. In 1978. In America. I almost walked out.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 28 2006

       I learned about spontaneous generation of worms in Home ec too... in 1994. It's possible we had the same teacher. She was a spontaneously generated fossil.
ye_river_xiv, Jun 29 2006

       //Sewing patters into the palm of the hand with needle and thread.// Rather wussy campared to this Idea. Now if you'd used a sewing machine...
spidermother, Jun 30 2006

       What the hell is the spontaneous generation of worms? Sorry -- I took shop (and advanced physics -- weird combo, I know.) Home ec was optional and I skipped it. [+] for the idea (It was a good story).
zigness, Jun 30 2006

Cuit_au_Four, Jul 03 2006

       /What the hell is the spontaneous generation of worms?/   

       "Pure sterile flour in a sealed container will form into meal worms and wevils."   

       Makes you want to pound your head on the desk.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 03 2006

       Sewing fabric to your body? Mealy worms from flour? Pound your head on the desk? Handsome and dangerous?   

       What's next?
bobzaguy, Jul 04 2006

       //It's an antigenic material//   

       I think that should be "non-antigenic", unless you want an allergic reaction to provide more 3D.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 18 2014


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