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You there in the back. Quit snickering, there's nothing humerus about this.
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With the advancements happening nowadays in the field of rhinoplasty, almost anyone can forestall the visual effects of aging by merely decreasing the depth of their pockets, but no matter how professional the surgeon or the skill with which they perform the pocket-ectomy there is still one area of the human body by which, I guarantee, I can guess your approximate age by.
Yep. You guessed it from the title, the humble elbow.

It's flexing and scrunching continue un-abated throughout one's life and I find it easier to tell a persons age by this one body part more than any other, so why is it the last frontier in augmentative vanitization?

Elbow tucks.
This fall, long sleeves are out.

elbow lift http://www.massagefree.com/elbowlift.html
it looks like her elbows need more work [FarmerJohn, Apr 24 2005]


       //depth of their pockets//?   

       do you refer to the cost of plastic surgery?   

       you can tell a miser of any age by their deep pockets and short arms...
po, Apr 24 2005

       //do you refer to the cost of plastic surgery? //
I do.

       <relief> I thought 2fries was marrying me.
po, Apr 25 2005

       [2 fries] has touched on a very personal subject with me, any snickering will not go unpunished. My elbows make me look like a 51 year old woman...who has applied a lot of elbow grease (sigh)
dentworth, Apr 25 2005

       I can tell from here that you're not a day over thirty four.   

       this is really stupid idea. you are a(n) idoit
heroofmight, Apr 26 2005

       Idoit too, sometimes. Well, only once - Ididit Sept 4th last year and we've been happy ever after. <snickering increases in intensity> I meant I got married, you idoits.
david_scothern, Apr 26 2005

       I've seen television shows about plastic surgery done to remove excess skin (including the back of the upper arm) after massive weight loss. I imagine it's been done for less significant cases.
half, Apr 26 2005

       'Her Oof Might' makes another significant stand. And winds up with egg-on-face syndrome.
Cedar Park, Apr 26 2005

       If only (s)he were to realise, [Cedar].
gnomethang, Apr 26 2005


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