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dermal beauty laser that heightens beneficial sense of touch

a feel good skin sensitizing laser treatment
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a slightly new approach to existing beautification lasers is to measure the effect they have on sensation. There could be a laser treatment that causes caresses to feel even nicer, because with the measurement of a variety of laser beauty treatments, some existing, or some new ones would cause heightened beneficial sensation the dermal.

a feel good skin sensitizing laser treatment

beanangel, Sep 26 2016


       [beanangel] Do you know the different scales or even bases. Name, Summary, Description?
wjt, Sep 27 2016

       I can imagine that lasering down skin to be thinner might help with the perception of touch. Especially if the skin in question started out covered with warty calluses and several breakfast-worths of dried pancake syrup.
bungston, Sep 27 2016

       Ohhhhh .... that's a nasty, nasty image, [bungs] ....
8th of 7, Sep 27 2016

       // beneficial sensation the dermal //   

       I know these words but I don't know what they mean in this order.
notexactly, Sep 27 2016

       Laser dermabrasion. Preferred 3:1 in double-blind tests over a belt sander.
whatrock, Sep 27 2016


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