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Eugenics Mouth mint

with an oral sex ejaculation Proteolytic enzymes dissolve the sperm as well as unspool the dna The DNA hyperflavor keys match the DNA of value creating a flavor There is an overnight vaginal colorizing microbead approach as well
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Oral Sex

Yay Oral sex

After performing oral sex a woman notes the flavor is gradually like cupcakes with a hint of mint

The flavor amplified genetic screening has just told her that this person has the happy living 5-HTTLPR gene plus the minty CHRM2 as well as IGF2R which are among the cleverness genes

a different person might taste like an altoid

as she notices these flavors she discusses them with her social group saying that Pat tastes like altoids yet leslie tastes like slightly minty cupcakes

what is happening is that an enzyme has digested the sperm after which DNA linked to hyperflavors as well as flavor amplifiers has linked to specific genes creating the flavor sensation

sucronic acid which is 200,000 times sweeter than sugar is attached to a complementary DNA to gene sequences of value with a chalcone hinge on lightly associated Dna

sucronic-c dnadnadnadnadna

--------- ------------- ------------- --------

the sucronic acid either goes to solution or changes flavor when the complementary DNAs meet

other flavors perhaps halogenated hyper mint flavor have similar DNA keys that match genes of value

Note this is different than a previous version featuring chewing gum as this version uses the orders of magnitude larger ml or few of ejaculate as a tissue sample

Proteolytic enzymes dissolve the sperm as well as unspool the dna The DNA hyperflavor keys match what they match creating a flavor as well as one side of the key matching another hyperflavor key which can then attach another hyperflavor key kind of like agglutination

there is also the technologically less complex condom approach, just as a multicolor polaroid process works effectively between layers of a millimeter of plastic a condom with diffusive or microporus after an hour membrane then proteolytic stage then rna match stage that causes a color code gives a woman a genetic profile of perhaps ten or twenty areas of genetic value from a used condom

Now the gene chip approach is 300,000 snps at $399 I'm using a different technology at less than a dollar to qualify a dozen or two genes that a woman can use to immediately know about another persons kindness, happiness, calmness, cleverness, beauty genetics

There is material online that notes that genotypic matching is 9 times more effective than phenotype matching at creating somatic traits

The oral sex approach is better though as she can note the complement of her flavor plus the other persons flavor

microbeads of alginate could also be applied before or after sex to create a diffusive multichamber color indicator rather like a microzeolite She'd have sex with a lubricant containing microbeads then the next morning look at a color sample of her vaginal fluid with a swab The advantage there is hours of development time Its a genetic compatibility personal lubricant

I like the oral sex flavor better as I think its more discussable as well as more user facile Think of blogging or twitter, anyone could write html with notepad yet the simplicity of blogging brought a huge user group, with twitter the immediate gratification of communication thats like chat brought even more people

I think the friendly gossip aspect of flavor that causes social groups to say Pat tastes like altoids gives people immediate shared genetic knowledge Eugenics works particularly easily when restrooms say Pat tastes like altoids n leslie tastes like minty cupcakes

beanangel, May 22 2009

completely different technology suggestive graphic http://pubs.acs.org...html/8712notw7.html
these as trimers would accumulate or agglutinate to create flavor clumps [beanangel, May 26 2009]

picogram active flavors http://i41.tinypic.com/fb0yd.gif
[beanangel, Jun 15 2009]


       Croissant for the opening couplet.
calum, May 22 2009

       Firstly, on a bum note, what about the problems more flavoursome gentlemen (and therefore, apparently genetically superior) might experience due to their high demand and therefore increased exposure to debilitating sexual disease?   

       Secondly, exactly how is oral sex linked to Eugenics? - a trick is being missed here.   

       Thirdly, haven't you posted this (or a very closely aligned) idea some time before?   

       Fourthly, isn't it more important to a child's success to be brought up in a home containing a pair of mutually committed adults, than having good genes?   

       Fifthly, have we not already gone over the notion that a genetically fit population is a diverse one? (i.e. not one driven by arbitrary flavours)   

       Sixthly, we already have genetic dispositions towards favourable genes - it's called attractiveness and covers predispositions towards intelligence, sociability, dominance, and a host of other factors - even more importantly - different people find different factors more or less important (some people finding some alleles attractive while others find completely opposite traits attractive, further driving the important diversity index) is it sensible to disregard this process that's been working rather well for the last few billion years, for one that makes certain DNA combinations taste like cupcakes?   

       Seventhly, if a lady likes the flavour of cupcakes, she can always just have a cupcake.   

       Eigthly, taking only 20 different genetic profiles and making then interestingly talkaboutable gives you exactly what level of useful genetic information?   

       Ninethly, considering that these flavours are based on an form of chemical (flavour) amplification (which in itself might actually be a good idea) the chances are that instead of "cupcakes" the prevailing experience may be of something decidedly less pleasant.   

       Tenthly, how are these 20 or so ideal flavours decided upon, and how might a woman coalesce that information with her own genetic profile in order to make an informed decision?   

       Eleventhly, what am I doing wrong in my life that I don't seem to be getting as much oral sex as you?   

       Twelthly, should Pat be successfully identified as being "tasty" what is his motivation in settling down to start a family, when he has the alternative of enjoying oral sex with an informed and enthusiastic series of partners?   

       Thirteenthly, mightn't these restroom conversations, rather than signal the genetic suitability of these lucky gentlemen (albeit ruined by stds) instead signal the promiscuity of the women having such conversations? Mightn't the women having these conversations have motivations other than genetics?   

       Fourteenthly, have you got any of their phone numbers?   

       Fifteenthly, you are aware of the negative connotations of the word "Eugenics" aren't you?   

       Sixteenthly, regarding the condom approach, there's a similar problem to the one I address in point 2.   

       Seventeenthly, don't most people, when deciding upon a life partner, tend to follow a procedure that some people refer to as "love"?   

       Eighteenthly, what if a woman doesn't like altoids? How can her flavour preferences be tailored to "fit" whatever genetic benefits that a gentleman's sperm might offer up?
zen_tom, May 22 2009

       nineteenthly, where's nineteenthly?
loonquawl, May 22 2009

       This already happens at a subconscious level. I wonder; What are the effects are of making this knowledge tangible to the conscious?   

       I would foresee social trends falling into sync with biological trends, giving evolution a powerful push in the right direction.   

       I don't think the product should end with, just oral sex. What about perfumes and colognes?   

       [+], many times more, if I could.   

       [Zen_Tom], Eleventhly: Hahahahaha. Also: Nananabooboo.
MikeD, May 22 2009

       Well, this is dumb. For one thing, only a wine connoiseur is going to be able to make sense of the hundreds of distinct flavours you would need to convey even a fraction of the relevant genetic information. So wine connoiseurs will gradually evolve into a superior race and outlive us all.   

       On the minus side, much more accurate and multimensional information is conveyed by the appearance and demeanour of the prospective mate. So far, genetic analysis can only make a rather limited contribution to the choice of a good mate; this analysis is far better done by direct analysis of the DNA (not particularly expensive).   

       Also, your molecular biology is wrong.   

       As a ploy to get more oral sex, though, I wish you good luck.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 22 2009

       Not just more oral sex MaxB, more *finished* oral sex!
MikeD, May 24 2009

       "attractive women having more sex with strangers means more attractive promiscuous wandering women babies: a prettier world."
WcW, May 24 2009

       Hello! I still exist but my computer's gone all explody on me, so communication is very difficult.
nineteenthly, May 26 2009

       Normzone wrote a thing rather like "wine connoiseurs will gradually evolve into a superior race and outlive us all"   

       I thought there was something going on there, now I understand. (sip, slurp, swallow.) — normzone, May 24 2009
beanangel, May 26 2009


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