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Engine-bay cupholder

A logical addition.
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The number of places in, on and around the engine of a motor vehicle where a beverage container can be placed - particularly if the engine is running - without a substantial risk of it being knocked or vibrated over is very small.

It seems reasonable therefore that at least one cupholder should be provided in that area, either permanent, or of the fold-down or slide-out type.

The holder could alternatively be used to retain an oil can, if a beverage is not currently being consumed.

8th of 7, Jan 30 2021

Engine Bay "Cup Holder" https://www.etsy.co...gine-bay-cup-holder
[bs0u0155, Feb 01 2021]


       Actually 2. You need 2. One on the block to keep tea/coffee warm and another away from the engine heat for beer.
bs0u0155, Jan 30 2021

       [+] Make it have a solid (or having only small drain holes) so it's good for holding bolts and other little bits.
scad mientist, Jan 30 2021

       A tap fitted to the radiator hose would also enable hot water top ups, with the added benefit of being fortified by a dose of anti-freeze. You can heat this crumb on the manifold. [+]
xenzag, Jan 30 2021

       Top notch! [+++]
whatrock, Jan 30 2021

       + yay, your mechanic has a place to put his beer Whilst working on your car!
xandram, Jan 30 2021

       + yay, [xandram] liked your idea so much she said it twice!
whatrock, Jan 30 2021

       I deleted one! This happens to me frequently here and I don’t really know why…
xandram, Jan 30 2021

       Just teasin'. I see it a lot as well, other bakers. Wonder why it does that.
whatrock, Jan 30 2021

       Probably the same Mysterious Power than inflicts all those retrospective edits on [kdf] ...   

       Fortunately, we keep copies for him now.
8th of 7, Jan 30 2021

       Due to the overwhelmingly positive response that this idea has received, a purchase has been made on eBay* and we hope that soon it will be possible to declare it Baked.   

       *Bizarrely, AliBaba were unable to supply the requisite item for less than USD $0.03 ...
8th of 7, Jan 30 2021

       I know about hitting OK twice but sometimes it actually does nothing and you must hit it again! Therefore I guess I got duplicate annos...I sure don’t mind being teased! A little like being tickled!
xandram, Jan 30 2021

       hoochie woochie coochie c--   

       Uh, nothing to see here folks. Move along.
whatrock, Jan 31 2021

       Oh, just get a room, you two ...
8th of 7, Jan 31 2021

       Chatting with a couple of guys down in our loading bay (not much in the way of deliveries today) about this idea, and one guy pointed out that some F150s have cup... holders is a bit of a stretch... indentations? In the tailgate - For the strange American pastime of "tailgating*". Apparently, the Dodge Challenger also has "cup holders" in the engine bay that you can buy "dress up" kits for. I don't know what you'd dress a Dodge Challenger up as personally.   

       *Standing in too hot/too cold car parks drinking while wearing synthetic fabrics.
bs0u0155, Feb 01 2021

       // Dodge Challenger also has "cup holders" in the engine bay //   

       Initial investigations reveal that several modern high performance vehicles have remarkably little free space into which a cupholder can be installed; older vehicles are much more accommodating.
8th of 7, Feb 01 2021

       For cases where there isn't much room in the engine bay itself (and the other cases too...), put the cup-holder(s) on the inside of the bonnet lid (folding down in some fashion) or flip-out to hold above the fenders.
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 01 2021

       What if you just parked the car in the kitchen?
pertinax, Feb 02 2021

       Somebody would try to deep fry it.   


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