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Gyroscope-Stabilized laptop
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For years we've had high-speed spinning objects in our computers, such as the hard disk and the CD ROM. There should be an adapted CD ROM drive that can spin much faster than its own read speed. There should also be a device that is like a CD but is slightly heavier. When you are not using the drive for a CD, you can put a "weight disk" to keep the computer balanced. Their should be a small piece of data on the disk that specifies that it is a weight disk so that the drive motor speeds up to its maximum speed, acting as a gyroscope to keep the laptop balanced.

The one downside would be that the drive would have to be mounted centrally for it to be effective.
-----, Feb 29 2004

Bristolz - Is this........? http://www.seds.org/messier/m/m060.html
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       the gyroscope would keep it balanced on your lap
-----, Mar 01 2004

       Dell's new laptop workstation: The Dell Precession M60.
bristolz, Mar 01 2004

       The gyro wouldn't have to be mounted in the center... it would stabilize just fine in almost any location...   

       Gyro stabilizers for cameras have enough mass and spin an unbelievable speed though... a similar size, and rpm would be needed here.   

       You'd have serious heat issues with this using a hard drive type device... I'm not sure it's up to the task.   

       Pastry anyway -- I could use one of these.
zigness, Mar 01 2004


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