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Integral Laptop Strap

Portable porting
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Considering that a laptop is meant to be portable, it's surprisingly awkward to port. It's heavy, smooth and has no grippy bits.

Of course, you can buy any number of laptop carrycases, shoulderbags and backpacks, which have the advantage of protecting the computer from knocks or spills, and of carrying accessories.

However, suppose you just want to take your laptop from your lab to a meeting, or down the road to a coffee shop on a sunny day?

MaxCo. is proud to introduce it's range of Straptop computers, in an exciting range of colourways (and, indeed, colours).

Sitting on your desk or on your lap, a Straptop looks much like a mere laptop. Only keen eyes will spot the inch-wide band of strong, thin material which emerges from a slot on one side of the base, toward the rear, loops snugly underneath the computer, and re- enters through a slot on the opposite side.

Got to rush to a meeting? Need to carry a cup of coffee and the latest scale model of your reciprocating vacuum invertor as well as your laptop?

No problemo! Simply close your Straptop, and pull the band, which extends from the spring-loaded rollers inside the case to form a handy shoulder-strap.

As a bonus, when you find yourself standing in the corridor, balancing your open Straptop on one hand while you show the latest sales figures to a colleague, simply slip your hand between the base of the Straptop and the retracted strap. Should disaster happen, the fall of the Straptop will be broken by the spring-loaded strap before it hits the ground.

MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 13 2010

Panasonic Toughbook http://www.panasoni...ghbook-products.asp
These make my laptop look like a piece of crap... [DIYMatt, Oct 13 2010]

LapStrap http://thelapstrap.com/
A very poorly thought out product. [DIYMatt, Oct 13 2010]


       [+], assuming this helpful tool includes a way to attatch the power cord to the strap so as not to have to deal with the awkward bundle that otherwise inevitably results.
gisho, Oct 13 2010

       MaxCo could soon be entering the wholesale croissant business with ideas like this one. [+]
Boomershine, Oct 13 2010

       I asked my IT guy why PCs don't have handles so that they're easier to cart back to the shop. I seem to remember that he said that at one time some did have handles but I forget why they stopped doing that. too much weight I guess.
po, Oct 13 2010

       //assuming this helpful tool includes a way to attatch the power cord //   

       How about a strap that IS the power cord. Wind it around a hook on either side of the laptop, doubling/tripling up until you run out of cord.   

       With or without my contribution, a fine idea worthy of pastry.
Bad Jim, Oct 13 2010

       //I seem to remember that he said that at one time some did have handles but I forget why they stopped doing that.//   

       They haven't gone away. *good* computers still have handles (and, I assume, shoulder strap attachment points). Also there is a laptop strap in existence but it looks like a POS that you could make yourself, so I will give +1 for the retractable spring loaded strap idea. See links.
DIYMatt, Oct 13 2010

       Some older portable computers did have handles. I suspect that the reason they don't anymore is that a computer is less likely to bonk into something if it's cradled under one's arm than if it is swinging freely. Older computers were simply too heavy to cradle under one's arms, and handles were the most practical means of allowing one-handed carry.
supercat, Oct 13 2010

       I like the idea of integrating this with the power cord somehow - it would also improve the ergonomics of carrying the power cord around.   

       Re.the option to attach a "normal" strap - yes, but then that's one more item to lose or forget...   

       And re. the "Lapstrap" - I considered that, but I worried that normal laptops might not enjoy being supported by a strap wrapped around and between the hinge. Also, some laptops have a convex base and a concave screen-surround that nest together - such a strap would interfere with this and prevent them closing (or strain the hinge).
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 13 2010

       Include a wireless aerial, for good measure.   

       Can it also be used as a garrotte, for that guy at the ad agency?
infidel, Oct 14 2010

       You'd probably want something narrower for a garotte. You could try stabbing them with a sharpened USB storage device first,though - sort of a stick and garrotte approach.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 14 2010

       Make it out of Carrot-Top's scalped head.
RayfordSteele, Oct 14 2010

       My laptop has a little oval hole for a locking cable. If you put a locking hole on two corners of the laptop, you could put the two ends of a carry strap in those holes, with appropriate end fittings. Make it out of Kevlar and use it as a locking strap as well.
baconbrain, Oct 14 2010

       Yes but, again, that means that the strap is a separate thing that you have to keep with you and not lose.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 14 2010

       True. But a detachable strap is so handy in many situations. A consenting adult would find an attached laptop as spoiling the mood.   

       How about you make the retractable strap so it covers the back ports of the 'puter when not in use? Just as a little extra protection.
baconbrain, Oct 14 2010

       Uhh, isn't that a bit like retracting the undercarriage for landing? When it's on your desk, and the strap is retracted, you want (probably) to access the ports. When you're carrying it (and don't want access to the ports), the strap is extended and not available to cover the ports..
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 14 2010

       Good point.   

       I was thinking more about when it is not in use and not in transport. Mine is behind me, in its bag, on a table, and a cat is sleeping on the damned thing. I suppose I could put it in the closet--the computer bag, not the cat--but then the cat would come and sit on me. So there is cat hair to deal with, not to mention the crumbs and the gum wrappers in the bag.   

       And if I took it out of the bag ... well, you nice folks need to be able to sleep tonight, so I won't say.
baconbrain, Oct 14 2010

       Fair point. I guess, if I get the MaxCo design team out of bed again, they could redesign the strap so that it can pass either underneath the computer, allowing full portery opportunage, or around the back edge of the computer, preventing the ingress of cat hairs.   

       They'll nae be pleased, though.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 14 2010

       The cats won't be happy, either.
baconbrain, Oct 14 2010

       I thought cat hair and dust were essential to the operation of all computers? If you open one up you always find heaps of one or both all over everything inside.
infidel, Oct 14 2010

       Well, the cat hair doesn't seem to be essential to the operation of the cat--he's covered with the stuff and he just lies about all the time--so maybe it is for computers.
baconbrain, Oct 15 2010

       [8/7] is gonna be pissed when he realises he can enhance the performance of his computers substantially, just by getting a cat.
infidel, Oct 15 2010

       Perhaps that's what happens "when the smoke gets out" of a computer? A small conflagration in the essential hair and dust within the machine.
infidel, Oct 15 2010


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