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Half-rhinestone blemish dressing

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Yesterday I saw a young woman with something on her nose. A piercing, I assumed. But now: it was a small flesh colored patch covering some sort of pimple beneath.

Piercings are so common now, why not make such patches to resemble them? They would be shiny hemispheres, with a bandaid like adhesive, to be applied over a pimple while it resolves.

bungston, May 10 2007


       I like this! For a while. Problem is that anyone who actually knew you, would spend all day asking about your new piercing, and you'd have to 'fess up about the pimple. And if you had a sudden mass breakout, you might look like Pinhead.   

       Alternatively, for really rebellious punk types, a piercing that looks like a pimple? altogether now: 'ewwwww'.
navel-gazer, May 11 2007

       Mass breakouts could be covered sequintially   

       Spot on!
veryvermilion, May 13 2007


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