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Essence of Feet

Enjoy relaxing foot aroma 24/7
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A one ounce bottle of liquid imitation foot aroma for sniffing purposes only. Enjoy relaxing foot aroma anytime, anywhere . . . stuck in traffic? . . . hectic day at the office? . . . airport flight delay? . . . just take a sniff of Essence of Feet and sit back and relax.
MoD, Aug 21 2006

http://www.walgreen...agecache/204337.jpg [half, Aug 21 2006]


       Does it come in different flavors, like sweatsocks, work boot, high heels etc.?
jhomrighaus, Aug 21 2006

       haha [half] I thought of that as well.
Zimmy, Aug 21 2006

       If that's what rocks your boat, then OK, I guess, but keep the bottle closed when you're around me.
Freefall, Aug 21 2006

       Baked: butyric acid
hazel, Aug 22 2006

       Baked: amyl nitrate on a bad day. On a sidetrack I once absent mindedly put on some socks from the bedroom floor that I thought were mine, but had actually been worn by my partner. The combined foot odour worked as a kind of binary chemical warfare agent (see Sarin) and made be feel nauseous all day... be warned!
Azazello, Aug 23 2006

       //Use of the words "partner" and "bedroom"// and "amyl nitrate" for that matter. Before [phlish] annotated, I was wondering whether [Azazello] was the man or the woman. Pays not to assume. And about a third of my friends are gay...   

       Could also be used to attract mosquitoes.
spidermother, Aug 23 2006


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