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Flip Text Book

Solves the old figure on the wrong page problem.
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(+8, -2)
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Normal text books are laid out to suit the printing format, with most referenced figures or tables near their first reference point or in separate appendices.

The Flip Text Book will be laid out like the children’s person matching books. Essentially three or more books on the same spine. One has text, one has figures, and one has tables. Now you can turn to the figure you want and just read through the text referring to the figure as required.

eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 16 2009

Mix and Match http://www.amazon.c...-Flip/dp/157584334X
An LCD (maths not display) example [eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 16 2009]


       Maybe the pages with important figures could fold out vertically, so you could still turn the pages and still see the table above the book.
phundug, Mar 16 2009

       A couple pens work good as page markers. If you know your book good enough you know exactly where everything is. This isn't a very imaginative solution to a nonproblem. Just an opinion. [-]
daseva, Mar 16 2009

       +1 from me - this seems like a novel approach to text books   

       I wonder if restaurants could use it for menus - starters, main, desserts and drinks.
po, Mar 16 2009

xenzag, Mar 16 2009

       yes, don't be a prcik.
po, Mar 16 2009


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