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Everyday achievements

Making the mundane less so.
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There's a very popular phone app for cyclists which uses GPS data to calculate your speed over various pre-defined road segments. For added fun you get rewarded with "achievements" based on your performance relative to yourself and your peers. So for example on returning from a ride I might be congratulated with a top-ten time during my ascent of Hill X (or not). I'd like to see this principle extended to more mundane non-cycling things to add a bit of competition to everyday life. Example achievements might be:

"Congratulations! You visited Aldi more times this month than all your friends!"

"You've completed a sea-level ascent of Everest this year without leaving Norfolk."

"Your average speed for the month of January was 1.41mph. Your average velocity vector was 0.00mph."

"You've just completed another lap of the M25!"

"Congratulations! You didn't visit Scotland in 2015!"

EnochLives, Feb 26 2015




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