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Meat inside Dough

Mix’n’Match Fast Food
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There are lots of fast foods that have bread (roll, bun, flat …) filled with some kind of meat (sausage, burger, kebab), sauce (ketchup, mustard etc.) and possibly salad (or veggies) or cheese. They are optimized to be taken away in one hand and to be eaten without dishes and cutlery.

Let’s have food parlors vending nothing but customer-chosen combinations of bread, meat, sauce and salad, offering a large collection for all of them.

Crissov, Jan 08 2013

A widely known type of meat inside dough http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corn_dog
Well, that's what the title led me to think this might be about.... [Vernon, Jan 09 2013]

all kinds of meat inside dough http://www.google.c...XTtUNFizLnQAdbhgYgB
[xandram, Jan 09 2013]


       I had an early dinner so I don't feel obligated to bun this out of hunger pangs.   

       Look in the phone book under "pita".   

       [marked-for-deletion] wkte.
FlyingToaster, Jan 08 2013

       It's just a form of gyro worship.
lurch, Jan 08 2013

       Yeah, isn't this just a sub shop?
MechE, Jan 08 2013

       I'm with FlyingToaster but I am a bit of a kiss ass
Brian the Painter, Jan 09 2013

       I always love getting my pasties and my pasties confused...
normzone, Jan 09 2013

       I agree with [FT]. There are calzones, Hot Pockets, ravioli, stuffed breads....endless.
xandram, Jan 09 2013

       The Subway sandwich shop chain pretty much covers the idea as described. Custom sandwiches with salad ingredients, even. There's Jimmy John's, too. Of course, their sandwiches aren't one-handed food, really.   

       If you want a comprehensive range of different kinds of meat-in-dough, you are going to have a hella big shop.
baconbrain, Jan 10 2013

       doable. My econ teacher always talked about how economy of scale would even work in restaurants, but it's just that people prefer to buy one type of food at any one place. He said you could definitely serve all types of food like at a buffet or something and it would be easier to make everything because of all the shared resources and ingredients and bulk buying, but people don't purchase like that. You DO kind of see it at buffets and stuff, though, or like Chinese food places.
EdwinBakery, Jan 10 2013

       gotta love (real) Chinese restaurants: go in with a bunch of friends (at least one of which has to be Chinese of course) & stuff yourself silly for less than 10 bucks per, tip included. absurd.
FlyingToaster, Jan 10 2013


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