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Iron Chef Cafe

Now you can live the dream of being an Iron Chef judge!
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Iron Chef, the coolest show on television, is an epic hour-long battle between two master chefs to create a multi-course meal that best expresses the essence of specially chosen theme ingredient. A panel of judges gets to taste the food and decide the winner.

Iron Chef Cafe brings this experience to a restaurant, where local chefs from a given city battle guest chefs brought in from different locations, all in the Battle Pit of the Iron Chef Cafe.

Make a reservation, and you'll get to vote on the theme ingredient. You can come for the full two-hour battle, where you'll get to witness the cooking techniques of master chefs, or arrive just before the meal is served and judged.

Once there are a full chain of Iron Chef Cafes, a national tournament to decide the Champion will be organized.

tspyz, Apr 30 2002

Iron Chef http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Chef
Background on the TV show. [jutta, Aug 10 2002, last modified Aug 22 2008]

(?) Iron Chef drinking game http://www.lemurlove.com/ironchef/
You could do this in the restaurant - last person to be thrown out for "drunk and disorderly" gets meal paid! [Jinbish, Dec 15 2004]


       I've never seen the show. Do they cook with irons? How do they keep les petite pois from rolling off?
spartanica, May 01 2002

       With honey.
calum, May 01 2002

       // Iron Chef, the coolest show on television... //   

       Whoop. You lost me right there.
waugsqueke, May 01 2002

       what a fun idea! but how would the experiance be priced? yeah i know, if i have to ask, i can't afford it (lol!) i mean a theme like froi gras (sp?) would cost more to do than a theme like red potatoes. if the price is set ahead of time, won't every one who makes a reservation be voting for the most elegant ingredients like caviar and truffles? also, on the show, the chefs only make about 6 servings of everything. in a restaunant they would have to serve maybe 100. but i would love to be an iron chef judge, so here is a croisant, topped with caviar and miso. ("the flavors match well together, i like this dish")
wess, May 01 2002

       I'd go to an Iron chef restaurant if I could afford it. I've never actually seen the show, but I've heard good things about it.
madradish, Sep 04 2002

       On the show most of the dishes served are new recipes invented on the fly. The best of these dishes could form a standard rotating menu that most people could afford. You could then pay extra to come for the nightly show and still more to eat what is cooked during the competition. These more exclusive reservations would help keep the number of competition portions to a minimum and the price could be higher on these special dishes. That way there would be something for everyone's budget and the ability to serve hundreds of people per night.
ler, Aug 01 2003

       So I have often thought of this idea and I like it. Love the show. I think however that the idea is better as a fund raiser or special event. Find a normal open kitchen restuarant and invite chefs to compete etc... for a school/political fundraiser. Full time restaurants might work but you would have to work it like the current Japanese steakhouse. Have several mini kitchens in a building with group seating surrounding the kitchen. One person from the group gets to go up against the in house Iron Chef. They make one dish that the group gets to sample and vote on. Meanwhile the in house Iron Chef has to make the groups meal off of a "normal" menu. The competition would perhaps be 20 minutes or so. The in house Iron Chef would be the choreographer of the whole event to move it along. Just a thought anyway.
The_Snow_Dog, Oct 15 2003

       It might work in a big city, but otherwise an impractical idea for a restaurant.
jaksplat, Dec 15 2004

       I was once lucky enough to catch this on a satellite channel. It IS the coolest show on televsision.   

       I would definitely go to this restaurant, especially to see the great battle for honour between Iron Chef Nakata* and Scottish challenger Tam "King of Greasey Deep Fat Suppers" McKay.   

       *I obviously made that name up.
Jinbish, Dec 15 2004

       In light of wess' comment, I think the restaurant should have "theme" nights, where the ingredient is known in advance, and the chefs can prepare restaurant quantities, then have the "show" part where they make just a few servings. That way, people allergic to, say, shellfish can know when not to show up.
rmd6502, Aug 03 2005


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