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Extra-wide toilet tissue

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Instead of unrolling yards of toilet tissue and crumpling it up in order to provide "coverage", or folding the long strip over and over again until it reaches an acceptable thickness, consider New Deluxe Extra-wide Toilet Tissue Fancies!

Each sheet is 11-1/2 inches wide by 12 inches long, and made of a special cottony tissue that will make any derriere feel special. They are easy to grasp (a boon for elderly people who have difficulty reaching back there). Simply pull off a sheet, fold it in half if desired, and wipe away. Safe for septic systems.

Available in regular and pre-moistened.

phundug, Sep 26 2003

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       Sounds like paper towels.
waugsqueke, Sep 26 2003

       But so much softer!
phundug, Sep 26 2003

       i had no idea that current toilet tissue offerings were difficient until phundugs posting. +
jonthegeologist, Sep 26 2003

       And all these years I've been rolling mine sideways to make it wider...
n-pearson, Sep 26 2003

       Just when I thought I knew how to wipe my ass, somebody tells me I could do it better.
oxen crossing, Sep 26 2003

       Is this high-resolution paper available in all the accepted aspect ratios? Will it work OK with outdated equipment, such as bidets and those with no cable or satellite?
moPuddin, Jan 30 2004


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