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Happy Days Toilet Roll

democracy comes to the great toilet roll dilemma
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One the most enduring dilemmas of the modern age concerns itself with which is the correct way to hang up a toilet roll? i.e. Should the paper feed off from the front, or from the back of the roll?

Various arguments are made for each of these positions, but now the matter has been fully resolved with the introduction of The Happy Days Toilet Roll. This is because both states are equally provided for in equal measure, and everyone's happy with their toilet roll. (very important)

Here’s how it works:
When the toilet roll is installed, the paper feeds off from either the front or the back, but when it’s half used up, the direction of how paper has been rolled, doubles back on itself and is therefore rolled on in reverse. This means that no matter whether the roll starts off with the paper feeding from the front or back, this will be automatically reversed half way through.

If you want to understand the idea better, take a long strip of paper and begin rolling it unto a pencil. When you get half way along, fold the strip over, and continue rolling up the remaining length. Now when you start pulling it off, it will reverse direction at the half way fold over point.
Voila! Age old dilemma solved :-) Happy days.

Inevitable deluxe variation features dual colour paper, with the second colour starting at the half way point.

xenzag, Oct 12 2017

Happy Days! https://sodabred.tu...oll-its-a-halfbaked
democracy comes to the great toilet roll debate [xenzag, Apr 03 2020]


       How about a toilet paper hanger on a swivel, so it can be turned front or back?
Voice, Oct 12 2017

       Presumably the "Democracy" part is that sheets of toilet tissue are of considerably greater value to the individual citizen than ballot papers ?
8th of 7, Oct 12 2017

       A swivel hanger takes up too much room and requires investment in a new piece of apparatus. It's also been proposed before.
xenzag, Oct 12 2017

       Simple, practical, effective, meets a perceived need... Even so, [+].
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 12 2017

       I was expecting Arther Fonzarelli portraits on each sheet.   

       But what kind of retro-jingle, carefully engineered to tap into affluent home-owners' childhood nostalgia could possible be used for such a product?
hippo, Oct 12 2017

       Wait - there was a series called Toilet Roll??
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 12 2017

       I read that wealthy people prefer their toilet paper over the top. thus rather than a boutique product this would need to be mass produced.
beanangel, Oct 12 2017

       Fine, but can there also be a bidirectional goose-neck dispenser?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 12 2017

       Geese ? That's beyond kinky ... it's beyond weird ... it's .... it's .... it's ....
8th of 7, Oct 12 2017


       <Life of Brian>   

       "Crucifixion ? Through that door, first on the left, one cross each."   

       </Life of Brian >
8th of 7, Oct 12 2017

       //goose-neck dispenser// - now we know what [MaxB] wipes his bum on
hippo, Oct 13 2017

       I never heard of anything that dispenses goosenecks before. How do you use these goosenecks to clean your bum? More details required please [Max]
xenzag, Oct 13 2017

       Google Rabelais.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 13 2017

xenzag, Oct 13 2017

       // pics? //   

       You're sick, [xen], you need professional psychiatric help. Immediately.
8th of 7, Oct 13 2017

       That's the nicest compliment I have received so far today. Of course I'm open to a bidding war in that regard.
xenzag, Oct 13 2017

       Needs more shark. Perhaps a paper one could be inserted into the paper at the halfway mark such that it drops out at the reversal point. Ideally with some spring action so that it is flung wildly inro the air in a jumping motion with a simultaneously generated Fonzarelli signature "Eeyyyyy"
zen_tom, Oct 13 2017

       Sp. "You're sick"   

       Carry on ...
pertinax, Oct 14 2017

       Quick illustration now available for viewing - last link.
xenzag, Apr 03 2020

       Sp. fixed.
8th of 7, Apr 03 2020

       The lovely thing about this one is how simple it is to make.
wagster, May 03 2020

       There's something very jarringly un-zen about this title in our current day and age.
RayfordSteele, May 04 2020


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