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Hot Tent Stove with Thermoelectric Fan & App

Camping Stove, Peltier Fan with Controller & App
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Small torpedo-shaped hot tent camping stove has flat top for cooking, and also has thermoelectric fan which attaches to the backside to circulate stove heat around the interior of tent. Thermoelectric fan has a controller with wireless capability, to communicate to smartphone app. Separate wireless thermometer with temperature probe allows you to check the temperature of food and also the temperature of tent interior environment, while also wirelessly updating app. Smartphone app shows you what stove temperature currently is, and also reports temperature from the wireless temperature probe thermometer. App also allows you to set a thermostat temperature setting, so that stove fan will automatically adjust its speed to circulate air faster or slower, in order to match temperature of tent interior environment to the thermostat temperature setting.
sanman, Dec 18 2021

G-stove https://www.youtube...watch?v=KCKyS5JPj6w
cylindrical shaped stove for hot tent (not quite torpedo shaped) [sanman, Dec 18 2021]

Stove jack https://www.youtube...watch?v=O3UsE2wS2WE
[sanman, Dec 18 2021]


       The stove in the linked video has a chimney pipe that goes out through a hole in the tent wall, with no seal around the hole. I can imagine a lot of rain coming in through that hole on a wet night. Do you know of a solution to that problem? Maybe you'd need a second layer of canvas offset from the first, in such a way that the two holes did not line up - but then you'd probably also need a non-vertical pipe, which might give you a few mechanical challenges, given that weight is always a constraint on anything that you intend to take camping.
pertinax, Dec 18 2021

       Are you talking about a stove jack? See link I just added
sanman, Dec 18 2021

       Ah yes, that's exactly what I was talking about! Thank you - today I learned. :-)
pertinax, Dec 18 2021


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