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Crippled Survivor

It's politically incorrect reality television.
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First off, don't get bent about the "crippled" reference. A good friend of mine in college was disabled and never took offense, often using the word himself.
In the tradition of Survivor: The Australian Outback, Big Brother and The Mole, comes Crippled Survivor.
16 physically handicapped men and women, divided into two groups, are stranded for 42 days on the 32nd floor of a New York City high-rise apartment with nothing but 5 days of food and water, a toilet, clothing and $800 in cash for each group. No crutches, no wheelchairs, no showers and NO ELEVATORS.
The goal of the game, to see who can "survive" 6 weeks in the harshest environment on Earth, The Big Apple.
Each day, contestants will be given a series of challenges that often require them to venture out into the city below. The catch? The must be back to the 32nd floor, task completed, or they could lose their "immunity" from being voted out of the apartment.
Other challenges would involve obtaining luxury items, such as beds, soap, food, more money, crutches and even....elevator privleges.
Twice a week, the group who loses an immunity challenge must vote off one of their own.
On days when they aren't doing challenges, contestents still will venture into the city for food, water and supplies.
Anyone not back into the apartment by 8 p.m. each day must spend the night down below, on the street, and is automatically eligible to be voted off the show, even if their team wins the "immunity challenge."
When the numbers get down to 10 members, the survivor teams automatically merge. Each team has 15 minutes to move everything they can to a new, larger apartment on the 34th floor...the unfurnished penthouse suite.
The same rules still apply until the crew is reduced to four, at which point all the previous survivors vote on the one crippled person who wins the $1 million prize.
Before you scream that this is unfair and ridiculous...think about it. If given the opportunity, how many of the physically challenged in our world wouldn't jump at a chance like this?
They are constantly made fun of, excluded and talked about behind their backs. It's time for the best of the best to prove a disability isn't something that stops them.
Do you think you'll ever see a crippled person on the real Survivor? No. The best they got was the one-legged guy on Big Brother, but no one watched that show, so he doesn't count.
I for one would be a loyal viewer. It would be interesting to watch.
rcornell, Mar 10 2001


       I had a related idea about blind people. They would be on a show with two people that could see. The show would be a big platform with only three things: one would be a metal staircase that went straight down for two floors, one would be a 10 foot pit where there would be a bunch of barbed wire, and one would be a 5 foot pit with a bag of money. The two other people are set up so they are on opposite teams. One wants the guy to get the money so he shouts out where to walk, etc. The other one wants the guy to fall down, so he leads him to the pit or the stairwell.   

       I am thinking of calling this "The Ultimate DisAbled Gameshow." I still need events for the deaf though.
pnewp, Mar 12 2001

       pnewp: You wouldn't need a blind person for your idea. Just blindfold a sighted person, yourself, for instance. rcornell: Your idea doesn't sound any more interesting than regular Survivor.
mrthingy, Mar 12 2001

       With a twist: Take bunch of those macho men and amazonwomen, fully able survivor show volunteers, and temporarily disable them by tying their legs and put them in wheelchair. Then put them on the line with similar disabled persons to compete about things.
Pellepeloton, Sep 20 2006


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