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Cooking Cooks Cooking Show

This clown tastes funny
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Having had about as much of reality TV cooking shows as I can stomach (sorry) I hereby propose the cooking show to end them all.

Set on a remote tropical hideaway, the contestants all live in a single house where they fart and grunt and fornicate to their hearts' content, whilst cooking one meal each per day.

The winner is the contestant who manages to outwit, murder and butcher his/her fellow contestants, turning each of them into tasty, sophisticated dishes for the delectation of all remaining participants.

UnaBubba, Jul 13 2012


       Because murder and cannibalism are hilarious.
In No Particular Order, Jul 13 2012

       "Soylent Cooks"
(not my fishbone) I don't care if they murder each other...
xandram, Jul 13 2012

       Yes, because they make great TV. Whodunnit?
UnaBubba, Jul 13 2012


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