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Extreme Twister

Twister...with a twist
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Picture yourself on a cliff 3,000 feet above the ground with three other people. You have magnets on your feet and hands, as does the other three people. You are attached to a magnetic twister board which is in turn attached to the cliff face. A man in a helicopter with a megaphone is calling out where you must place your hands and feet. It's scary. It's exhilirating. It's Extreme Twister!

The classic party game that everyone enjoys is now back in action with a new twist. Fight for your life at mind numbing heights while still having a great time. If you stumble however and lose your balance, it is a 3,000 foot or more drop to your doom. When a the color and limb is called out, that limb's magnet is detatched. You have thirty seconds to try to place it where it needs to go before all the magnets on your hands and feet shut off.

Terrifying? Oh yeah. Adrenaline rush? Of course. Safe? Not so much.


Fetus, Jun 06 2004


       Fantastic. But when I fall, I'm taking my opponent with me. +
spacemoggy, Jun 06 2004

       This is great, but unless you add parachutes to your extreme twister version, I don't think this will be very popular. I'd play it with a parachute!
Pericles, Jun 06 2004

       I think you're quite right. Parachutes added, it would be an excellent game. But they should all say something clever on them so the opponents can look at it as the person is going down.
Fetus, Jun 06 2004

       Well if you're going to cissify it, then why not go the whole hog and mount the board on a hot-air balloon rather than a cliff. Gusts of wind can make parachuting off a cliff very dangerous.
spacemoggy, Jun 06 2004

       I don't want a parachute. The whole thing should be mounted on an overhanging rock. When I fall I take a bungee jump. Of course I would take everybody with me because the cords got all tangled up by the twists,
kbecker, Jun 06 2004


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