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Lawn Twister

More colorful than croquet.
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Sixteen pie plates; sixteen nails; four flavors of Jell-O; a few coins:

Lawn Twister!

Ideal for Strip Twister, if you have a very private lawn or very public players.

(Details, for non-Twister-aficionados: The pie-plates get laid out foursquare on the lawn and nailed down; they're filled with Jell-O in four rows; that's a Twister board. The coins are to replace the spinner that assigns left or right hand or foot, of each player in turn, to one of the four colors.)

hello_c, Sep 06 2000


       Intriguing, but you can usually get the job done with a large rubber sheet and a few Super Soakers filled with Wesson Oil.
Ander, Sep 09 2000

       why jello?
RobEC, Sep 09 2000

       Why not Jell-O? Cheap, ubiquitous, probably nontoxic, and brightly colored. Four flavors of pudding would do as well.   

       Or, for the X-Treme sport, vindaloo.
hello_c, Sep 11 2000

       I'm curious what Ander was getting at with the rubber sheet and the wesson oil...
barnzenen, Jan 11 2001

       vindaloo?? you wana keep on playing for more than a few seconds?? damn that sounds painfull my eyes are tearfull already   

       might wana vindaloo the kids set for some lafs and see them rub there eyes.................
halitus, Dec 24 2002

       ander i wanna be at your yard parties... and surely twister+drink=naked twister add in vindaloo and a world of pain is opened.... warped mind here
engineer1, Feb 12 2004

       It's always proper ettiquet to play a few rounds of strip poker before the adult style twister festivities begin.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 21 2008


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