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Naked Twister Sign Language

Game to develop a whole body gestural sign language
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I know it's not going to happen before I die that everyone just takes off their clothes and dances poetic gestural sign language poses with eachother but it is nice to dream. The goal of this twister game would be to develop a whole body naked gestural sign language. You could start by spinning for letters and then spelling them out by contacting a grid on the floor at all the contact points in the letter you got. Got an L? Put your left arm on A3, your left foot on A1 and your right foot on B1. Then try to do the rest of the letters in a word with other body parts eventually coming out with a final body shape that signifies the word. No wait a minute that wouldn't work at all. So maybe you could draw... oh I don't know. But it would just be pretty cool to have a bunch of naked people communicating in full body sign language on a twister mat.
JesusHChrist, Apr 17 2005

Dance Notation http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Dance_notation
[JesusHChrist, Dec 22 2007]


       It's fun to stay at the...   

       // Put your left arm on A3, your left foot on A1 and your right foot on B1// ...and then sink the ol' battleship?.
gnomethang, Apr 17 2005

       Learn to spell naked. [-]   

       Edit: Tense a different word, and I guess you've got this idea in a nutshell. :)
disbomber, Apr 17 2005

       dis - you are losing it!
po, Apr 17 2005

       <party pooper> [mfd -edited in deference to [jutta]] Let's all... get naked. Not that I don't see the appeal, but there's not much idea to it, really, is there? </party pooper>
pertinax, Aug 29 2007

       Not much, but there's a core of "map alphabet to twister positions" that I've never heard of before. The nudity is important to the author, but the idea works without it.
jutta, Dec 14 2007

       What is the point of this idea again? <It would of course be performed by the Swedish beach volley ball team>, Oh well + from me.
Brett-Blob, Dec 17 2007

       I think we would develop a lot of synonyms for 'Hey baby, let's shag.'
RayfordSteele, Dec 17 2007

       I think this brings up a lot of questions... Most of which involve questions about the spelling of sexually suggestive words and phrases... such as "Sink the ol' Battleship." and "Left arm on A3"
ye_river_xiv, Dec 18 2007


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