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Extreme golf

Lets face it, the present game is far too dull.
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One of the many downsides to playing golf is that, should you happen to go for a game on any half-decent day, you invariably spend most of it waiting for the group in front to finish the hole and move on. So, the simple solution is to get everyone wanting a round to sign some sort of disclaimer and give licences to people who want to tee-off while those in front are still on the green. All of a sudden what was a positively geriatric game becomes much more exciting.

All of a sudden golf allows you to release violent frustrations rather than causing them! Perhaps the greens are too easy for your liking? Well, they are much harder with a few knocked-cold golfers strewn around them, too slow to dodge! Feel like making a dramatic criticism of some golfer's decision to wear a cyan Paisley tank-top and lemon yellow plus fours? Before you could only quietly sneer from a distance, now you can make the fashion victim run! And imagine the combined pressure of having to hole the match winning putt while being constantly aware of incoming projectiles! I can see many a young exec. forgoing their day out paintballing to play golf instead.

mcscotland, May 29 2001

A little different, but... http://www.extremegolf.com/
The idea of livening up the game of golf is well-baked. [globaltourniquet, May 29 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Try this http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Urban_20golf
[mrthingy, Mar 14 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       I thought this was going to be golf on a cliff edge, or perhaps in a war zone. Violent golf sounds good though. Might become a version of euthanasia, which, if it was selective to the kind of boring Normans that play golf, is a great thing.

Can't help thinking Happy Gilmore though. Watch where you're shoving that 9-iron I tell you!
lewisgirl, May 29 2001

       Baked to a crisp. See link. The rules section actually describe a game far better (more interesting) than is presented in this idea.
globaltourniquet, May 29 2001

       Yeah, a few friends and I used to play twilight hour golf on a par 3 course with little business - we'd play the holes that best fit our logistics in random order if someone else was on the course. A real blast - especially if the 'clubhouse' had already closed up shop - Free!!!!!!!!! < nine flags. OK OK I overused em on purpose.
thumbwax, May 29 2001

       global: I can understand that the idea of livening up golf is well baked (someones got to do something!) but your link misses the key elements in my version - fear and violence. This eXtreme golf is combining golf with jogging - which is really compounding the misery, not improving it. Now all we have is a dull game that includes the dullest of aerobic activities.
mcscotland, May 30 2001, last modified May 31 2001

       No, read the rules. You have to drive from the tee while people are on the green. You lose strokes if you hit them.
globaltourniquet, May 30 2001

       Clubs, legs, nerves and foreheads of steel.
thumbwax, May 30 2001

       It has often intrigued me that, whenever the little tractor comes out to collect balls strewn over the field on a driving range, a lot of people --mostly but not entirely adolescent males -- immediately suspend ongoing practice activity and start whacking balls like crazy in a vain attempt to hit it.
Dr Furtz, Jun 11 2001


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