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False arms for the short-sighted

Even if it's out of arms length, it's still legible!!!
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By a miraculous medical breakthrough, a way to obviate short-sightedness.

A pair of false very short arms, attached to a harness on your shoulders, with a covering to conceal the real arms.

Then even things beyond arms length spring into focus, if they aren't too far away.

Throw away those glasses, you don't need them now!

At a fraction of the cost of laser eye surgery!!!

Finance available.

not_morrison_rm, Aug 08 2012

inspired by... iGlasses
[not_morrison_rm, Aug 08 2012]


       ...also comes with optional GibbonArmz (tm) extra long arms for the long-sighted...   

       Genuine Customer Testimonial   

       "I used to have to hold maths books at arm's length to read, but thanks to the GibbonArmz (tm) I now only have to hold them half the distance. Great product! Thanks NMR Inc!!! Yours, Gottfreid Leibnitz"
not_morrison_rm, Aug 08 2012

       And so how am I supposed to keep up sales of my lenses? Regards Baruch de Spinoza
zeno, Aug 08 2012

       //for the short sighted...   

       Oh, there's the NMR Inc Facebook IPO Game (tm) for that. it's like alchemy, it turns (your) money into..er...less money.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 08 2012

       //a short-sighted approach to the problem//   

Grogster, Aug 09 2012

       This makes me uncomfortable, a family friend was born thalidomide and it reminds me of the harness he had to wear.
Phrontistery, Aug 09 2012

       I wouldn't want to mock those with a disability.   

       If that's the way it comes across, then I'll delete it.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 09 2012

       Come come, now, [not_] --- if every idea in the HB were removed because of the possibility it may offend someone's delicate sensibilities, half the ideas in the HB would be doomed (and all but a handful of comedians in the world would be rounded up and executed). The reason blind people don't skydive is because it scares the dog. Get over it.
Grogster, Aug 09 2012

       (snuffles into hankie) had something in me eye there..
not_morrison_rm, Aug 09 2012

       I don't want you to delete it and I'm not offended; it just reminded me is all.
Phrontistery, Aug 09 2012

       //I'm not offended;   

       Ok, I'll try harder :-)
not_morrison_rm, Aug 09 2012

       Bun! [+]
Grogster, Aug 09 2012


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