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hackable movie

a fully digital film where all major characters and items are changeable
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imagine watching "the terminator" for the 10,000 time and thinking, would the movie be better or different if someone else was the terminator?

now imagine you stop the movie, call up a screen on the dvd menu with pre loaded cast members as well as bonus ones you uploaded from the DOOM site.

select character: TERMINATOR, UNDAMAGED select skin: ENERGIZER BUNNY save settings play

now in the scenes where he is undamaged, you will see a realistic 6 foot Energizer bunny chasing Sarah around with a shotgun or on a Harley.

you can even change vehicle types like if you were a ford guy or a chevy guy, or even change all the characters into wookies, imagine "Bring it on" with all wookies!

Arcanus, Nov 24 2008

DRAG and DROP Drag_20and_20Drop_20Soap_20TV
been there, done that, ate the croissants, cleaned teeth with autobone [xenzag, Nov 24 2008]


       If fully digital (unlike xenzag's version) I do not envision huge differences. The overall movements etc would remain the same - the image and movement style of a different character would just be substituted - like playing a different character in a video game.   

       For big differences one would have to substitute animals which could only grunt etc.
bungston, Nov 24 2008

       I was thinking of the new Star Wars movies actually being old movies just with many more wookies. And something told me that had been done here. Yes! And yes to more wookies. Especially to jazz up movies that are especially wookieless - most movies do not have overt wookies but there is sort of the thought of wookies about them. But some movies are really deficient and it is those that could be propelled to new yowling, arm-ripping-off, bowcaster-toting heights.
bungston, Oct 31 2012


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