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Check it out I was in Casablanca
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Your favourite movie has you as an extra. The vanity company has unbelievably complex, or not, scanning and animation technology which can put you in any scene in any movie you choose and send you the updated DVD Pay a little extra for a line. May even be used as positive proof you are a successful character actor.
leggless, Aug 23 2000


       Sort of baked-ish.....Branden Lee was replaced with a computer simulation of his face on another actor's body when he very inconveniently died (was shot) during production of 'The Crow'.....And by the way, I was Barbara Windsor's bra in 'Carry on Camping'...Honest...
Haemavore, Sep 21 2000

       I was the stunt double on the plate in 'Pink Flamingos'
thumbwax, Sep 22 2000

       The Internet Movie Database: now listing over two billion people!
mrkillboy, Jun 05 2001


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