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(Yes, I know adding the prefix "My" to any web-mediated content to make a thin veneer of personalisation appear friendly and 'cool' is a bit 1990's/Web 1.0 but I couldn't immediately think of a better title)

The short film "C'était un rendezvous" (see link) is a 10-minute film by Claude Lelouch made by attaching a film camera to the front of a sports car and driving very fast through Paris early in the morning. If you haven't seen it, it's worth tracking down a copy on the web. This service creates a personalised version of the film. It creates a simulated high-speed journey through the streets near your home by taking images from Google Street View, and then adds a realistic sports car soundtrack. CGI startled pedestrians can be added at extra cost.
hippo, May 27 2009

http://en.wikipedia...tait_un_rendez-vous [hippo, May 27 2009]

This is a sports-car? http://en.wikipedia...des-Benz_450SEL_6.9
[coprocephalous, May 27 2009]

A bit like this http://jalopnik.com...-golden-gate-bridge
(I can't view this at work, but it sounds like it's a short movie of a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge using Google Streetview images) [hippo, May 28 2009]


       Nice idea. Great film too, esp. the ending. I think it's available on Youtube
simonj, May 27 2009

       The intro to the film says that it was made "sans trucage" (without trickery/rigging), yet the soundtrack is that of a manual shift box (allegedly Lelouch's own Ferrari), though the camera was mounted on a car with a three-speed auto box.   

       There is a story about the blind exit from the Louvre: the driver had a radio, and a spotter north of the Louvre was supposed to tell the driver whether or not the road was clear. After filming was complete, they found that the radio hadn't been working.
coprocephalous, May 27 2009

       This has got me wondering whether the images in street view have high enough frequency etc. to be used as frames in a video...
Jinbish, May 27 2009

       [coprocephalous] - I'd heard that story about the radio too - sounds scary. It's a shame the soundtrack is dubbed - I'm pretty sure the picture is all real though.

[Jinbish] - Looking at the Streetview pictures, I think the frequency is OK. A low frequency might just mean you travel faster or the frame-rate has to be lower.
hippo, May 27 2009

       Yep, I think it might be alright. Now wondering if there is an API for Street View...
{later: And there is! If only I had the time I would see if I could russle up something}
Jinbish, May 27 2009

       A digital simulated "drive film" would be the antithesis of cinéma vérité. Either the poster has lost the ability to distinguish between the authentic article and a pathetic imitation, or fails to see the discord between these two constructions: Rendezvous was a film about what is real. Google iDrive would be entirely artificial. The fact that we seem to be loosing this distinction disturbs me.   

       I sincerely hope that this is irony, or a dark joke.
WcW, May 28 2009

       I thought that this idea was going to be about swimming with whales or dolphins.
DrBob, May 29 2009

       // sincerely hope that this is irony, or a dark joke. — WcW, May 28 2009//   

       (Checks author...hmmm... not a chance.)
blissmiss, May 29 2009

       // Rendezvous was a film about what is real//
I think we must be talking about a different film.
coprocephalous, May 29 2009

       //the poster has lost the ability to distinguish between the authentic article and a pathetic imitation// - that's quite funny - are you sure you're not taking this all a bit seriously?
hippo, May 29 2009

DrBob, May 29 2009

       because this distinction really isn't worth getting excited about? There is so little difference between actually getting behind the wheel of a car and playing grand theft auto that the point is moot, right? And why should anyone put their life at risk when we can just do it on the computer. I guess i see your point.
WcW, May 29 2009


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