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Faerie Brassiere

winged bra works wonders
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The faerie brassiere’s lightweight carbon fiber frame has a U shape with some extra bends. Its base starts under the breasts, holding cups that support and lift. It continues around them and up over the collarbones and shoulders, through the neck of outer garments to end three feet aft.

These two ends can be draped with ethereal faerie wings to flutter and float in the slightest breeze and movement. The slight weight of the wings on their rods levered over the shoulders provides ample boost to prop up the frontal load. No constricting straps around the back are needed.

Wing size and rod length can be adjusted to conform to mammary anatomy. Patriotic bearers can substitute flapping flags. The rods can be folded for sitting to give both tired bums and bosoms a rest.

FarmerJohn, Feb 16 2005

Strapless version? http://www.tvacres....dmascots_angels.htm
Victoria's secret has a whole line marketed with angel (not fairy) wings [robinism, Feb 17 2005, last modified Sep 28 2005]


       Misread - thought it was an idea for a French gay bar. Not at all disappointed.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 16 2005

       The idea of a backless fairy costume is very pretty. You wouldn't want to run while wearing it. And hope no one tugs on your wings.
robinism, Feb 16 2005

       "Large-breasted woman blown over in high wind"
hippo, Feb 16 2005

       Nike work, if you can get it.
angel, Feb 16 2005

       Angel, your anno gets my bun.....   

       Is that a bad thing to say?
normzone, Feb 16 2005

       I should [+] you just for referencing rods, bums and bosoms in such a short sentence, however I am witholding my bun as ransom payment for your illustration.
wagster, Feb 16 2005

       I must admit, I also quickly scrolled down to see if there was an illustration.
bungston, Feb 17 2005

       Bun as long as they come with rod padding. Them underwire things dig in, y'know.
squeak, Feb 17 2005

       I maintain that you can spot a FarmerJohn idea just by reading the title.
English Bob, Feb 17 2005

       //Them underwire things dig in, y'know//   

       Tell me about it.
etherman, Feb 17 2005

       I almost poked my eye out with an underwire that had come out of my bra. True story.   

       Cute idea, [FJ].
Machiavelli, Feb 17 2005

       I've had a few eye popping bra moments myself :)
etherman, Feb 17 2005

Machiavelli, Feb 17 2005


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