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The Fractal Cup Bra

be creative, amused, flirtatious
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Each bra cup has an additional cup a third of its size, which is in turn topped by a smaller cup, etc. Each cup is mounted off center and can rotate on its base, allowing modeling of the cup “spires” to a variety of forms.

Fashion them perky upwards, deferring sideways, tenacious tête-à-tête (joined by a gold chain) or oblivious random. Look chic fractal with a matching bikini bottom or wearing a topless blouse.babe%20in%20bra

FarmerJohn, Jul 26 2005

The Fractal Cup Bra [FarmerJohn, Jul 26 2005]

If you found this link, where would you put it? http://www.cnn.com/...iting.ap/index.html
[theircompetitor, Jul 29 2005]

The Koch Curve http://ecademy.agne...s/kcurve/kcurve.htm
[gnomethang, Jul 31 2005]


       its a croissant! :)
po, Jul 26 2005

       Mammarydelbrot sets?   

       Nice drawing as usual. I assume her name is Julia?
Worldgineer, Jul 26 2005

       I suppose they could dip downwards on a bad bra day.
po, Jul 26 2005

dentworth, Jul 26 2005

       Is that Madonna?
moPuddin, Jul 27 2005

       Dunno about the bra, but here's a croissant for Perky.
DrCurry, Jul 27 2005

       Mathematics and boobs in an single idea? Now that guarantees a croissant.
Acme, Jul 28 2005

       Your example looks a bit like a bun, so bun to you too!   

       P.S. This actually is a pretty neat-o idea. I know a few girls who could use some nipple centering and alignment, and this device would help them look normal in a t-shirt :P   

       Oh yeah, and NOW everyone calls it a croissant, just when I start to get hip to calling it a bun! >:(
Size_Mick, Jul 29 2005

       Is it cold in here?
RayfordSteele, Jul 29 2005

       And exactly what, may I ask, is a topless blouse? A topless...top!? erm.....
squeak, Jul 29 2005

       [theircompetitor]'s link, funny stuff, those people should look into the halfbakery. I think we all deserve dishonerable mention for literary prowess. Except [Calum] of course who should be given a life sentence. Ha Ha Ha Ha
dentworth, Jul 29 2005

       sorry FJ a little off topic there.
dentworth, Jul 29 2005

       But does it take an infinite amount of thread to sew?
RayfordSteele, Jul 30 2005

       po's anno deserves a bun, and then I think the boners need some bun too.
blissmiss, Jul 30 2005

       It will be available in a snowflake pattern, of course.
moPuddin, Jul 31 2005

       Coming soon, a special codpiece to impress the ladies.
I call it the Cock Curve.
gnomethang, Jul 31 2005

       "I belive that's a catenary"
moPuddin, Jul 31 2005


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