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Heat Sensitive Bra

changes shape and color with body heat
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sdennehy, Apr 26 2002


       Excellent idea . . . especially love idea of it changing colour . . . . do it!
kconnolly, Apr 26 2002

       You'd "almost guess," [bliss]?  I'd put it in stronger terms.  This is lame because it is only based on heat as an indicator of arousal and because it is just another "mood ring" variant that this site is littered with.
bristolz, Apr 26 2002

       Presumably the author has not born witness to a truly aroused woman.
waugsqueke, Apr 26 2002

       some men just induce a pathetic itchy thrush...
po, Apr 26 2002

       The more effective measurement of female arousal would be a combination of heat, pulse, and vaginal moistness. The measurement devices for this setup might be kind of a pain to look at, but it would probably also be quite uncomfortable to have measurement device placed in the vagina. The more classic method of sensing arousal through your own senses is always quite a bit more accurate, not to mention more enjoyable.
Underdrunk, Apr 26 2002

       she's cold, there's no pulse, she's dry? she's gone to the pub - no mystery there!
po, Apr 26 2002

       No, the only solution is legislation. Force all women to carry around 2 signs, saying "yes" and "no", and display the appropriate one at all times. How much simpler, and also more demeaning, that would be.
pottedstu, Apr 26 2002

       the heat sensitive bra should get thinner when it senses arousal, thus making it easier for you to tell. effective because when she is cold it can sometimes be confused with arousal. all in all, if you need an indicator, you probably have bigger problems.
rbl, Apr 26 2002

       The interesting part of this discussion is that a good portion of women in Canada already wear fake nipples.   

       This just serves to make it that much more difficult to tell arousal levels.
rtaylor, Apr 27 2002

       Take off you hoser. I think you're confusing a "good portion of women in Canada" with "you and your drinking buddies".
spartanica, Apr 27 2002

       I am against bras in all forms. I like them to hang free and run in the wind.
harp1369, Apr 27 2002

       .........or drag on the ground.................
rbl, Apr 27 2002

       Or even better yet, don't. (women everywhere will thank you for choosing celibacy...)
globaltourniquet, Apr 27 2002

       Just have to add........ I'm a woman. And I think Underdrunk's comment is repulsive
sdennehy, Apr 29 2002

       With all due respect sdennehy, when your idea is about sexual arousal you have to expect responses involving body parts and suggestions of other possible devices.
Helium, Apr 29 2002

       I feel for you, Ms Dennehy, as it may well be that waugsqueke's comment is still applicable. But perhaps your repulsion at the subject matter of Underdrunk's comment is not unrelated to that state of affairs?
synaesthesia, Apr 29 2002

       //And I think Underdrunk's comment is repulsive//
How? It's true
thumbwax, Apr 29 2002

       if anyone starts feeling for me, they will get such a smack....
po, Apr 29 2002

       I find it hard that my comments would be perceived as replulsive when they employ classic scientific concepts used by Masters & Johnson in their tests on female arousal. My true opinion is that the best way to sense the arousal of the woman is through true intimacy and connection with your partner
Underdrunk, Apr 29 2002

       sdennehy: "Just have to add........ I'm a woman. And I think Underdrunk's comment is repulsive"   

       Really? For how long? Because all things considered, Underdrunk has a better idea of how things work than you do.   

       Besides, your heat bra would fail women with a fever and women who live in hot climates. Men around such women would think the ladies were aroused, when in fact they were just sweaty and ill.
sapienza, Apr 29 2002

       surely if a woman is arroused its highly likely that she won't be wearing her bra? (Please don't berate me for that one coz I can already think of circumstances where she might be arroused and wearing her bra).
kaz, Apr 29 2002

       Well, I won't berate you for that reason, kaz. I will berate you for thinking there's any connection between a woman's arousal level and likelihood of bra-wearing. None whatsoever. The only correlation there is perhaps that an aroused woman wearing a bra would, under certain circumstances, be more likely to be not wearing a bra much longer.   

       // ...when in fact they were just sweaty and ill. //   

       Or menopausal.   

       I don't believe for a second that sdennehy is female. No way.
waugsqueke, Apr 30 2002

       How about equality by going the other way? If your "male equipment" is causing embarrassment, get an operation. Maybe a shunt to divert bloodflow. The shunt would have an on/off switch of course. Or just wear very baggy pants.
ThotMouser, Apr 30 2002

       // I don't believe for a second that sdennehy is female. No way. //   

       You're probably right, but I do believe sdennehy is wearing a bra.
spartanica, May 01 2002

       //Or just wear very baggy pants// Isn't that exactly why Dockers were invented ;-)   

       A phenomenon I would like to explore in depth is this use of two newbie accounts, created on the same day, in which one account posts the idea (sdennehy) and the other account (kconnolly) steps in and says what a great idea it is. As bliss points out, odds are the two account holders are one in the same.   

       I'm thinking about doing a dissertation on these "twin" accounts....anyone remember Turgen/Team Rocket? I remember quite a few others also....mostly, they just appear for one idea, usually the first one, and then they go away.   

       Are most newbies this naive that they think people are so stupid as to believe a "new" person really showed up on the same day and gave a glowing statement about the idea? It's even more amusing when both account names have the same form....i.e. a first initial and then a last name AND both are in all lower case letters.....The mind boggles.....
runforrestrun, May 01 2002

       [absolutely and totally irrelevant and off-topic] rforrestr, I have a question. Please don't take this in the accusatory manner it's likely to sound - it's certainly not meant in that way.   

       Speaking of user accounts, I've noted that your baker-birthday is February 10 of '02. Yet, this is not the first time you have referred to HB history that predates your baker existence. I can't recall the other example, but there was one just recently - something you mentioned that caused me to wonder how you knew of it.   

       So I ask that very question: how is it you are familiar with so much of the goings-on here that went-on prior to your arrival? Are you a long-time lurker? Or were you a past denizen under another moniker? I presume your knowledge is firsthand, as I am not aware of the existence of a Halfbakery history book (not a bad idea), and I've heard that hippo's recent fireside chats were poorly attended.
waugsqueke, May 01 2002

       waugs, its all here and available to read - if you are an avid reader - 2 months is a long time in halfbaking to paraphrase somebody or other.
po, May 01 2002

       true, po, but he speaks of 'remembering' them, which suggests he was present.
waugsqueke, May 01 2002

       [rfr]: Some depth for you . . . The two accounts, [sdennehy] and [kconnolly] did not originate from the same IP address. They might know each other but are *probably* not the same person.
bristolz, May 01 2002

       I have noticed a certain way in which he writes, I think it is a rather pleasant mannerism. BTW, you often say "born witness to" which I admire particularly in the contect of an anno above us here.
po, May 01 2002

       BTW waugs, I am convinced that I REMEMBER a name like sdennehy before!
po, May 01 2002

       bliss/po/waugs, ah, the speculation. Rest assured, I'm not lg ;-) reborn? hmmm.... actually, truth be told because I don't see any reason to deny it, I "inherited" two accounts due to some strange circumstances surrounding my involvement on another web forum out there somewhere. I also professionally lurked for quite some time on the invite of the someone who bequeathed me the accounts. Upon coming here formally, I created my own account. As for the other two accounts.....one I don't touch and the other I very rarely play with..... unfortunately, I've also lost touch with the original owner <sob>.
runforrestrun, May 01 2002

       No chance you'd identify those, huh?
waugsqueke, May 01 2002

       you make me laugh runfy, you professionally lurk!! did you get paid for it? //one I don't touch and the other I very rarely play with// you are a really naughty boy, you know,consider yourself severely reprimanded. ;)
po, May 01 2002

       I guess rfr got carried away.
beauxeault, May 01 2002

       (borne again)
beauxeault, May 01 2002


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