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Faux TV Crew

Buy your own 15 minutes of fame
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This is a service that provides what appears to be a TV crew to follow you around, filming your daily life. They occasionally stop and interview people you interact with, and sometimes ask you questions too, but are generally not too intrusive.

The purpose is to seem like you are a celebrity when you are not, or that you have been selected as a contestant for the latest reality show. It’s the 21st century version of putting on a tux and renting a limo just to go to dinner.

The crew has logos of a foreign TV network on their equipment and all speak in accents, so you never have to explain why your documentary or reality show never aired. “Oh, the show is only seen in Sweden, sorry.”

Extra cost options include:
· Paparazzi waiting for you at key points.
· An edited version of the footage taken, for those insistent friends who really must see the final result.
· Celebrity look-alikes to come along with you.

krelnik, Sep 20 2003

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       Ha. Would you get to pretend to beat the snot out of one or two of the stunt paparazzi and maybe smash a couple of fake cameras?   

       Smells a bit like the Truman Show to me....something burning....must be about baked
gkitf16, Sep 20 2003

       I see very little in common between the Truman Show and this idea . . . well, there's cameras used in both of them.
bristolz, Sep 20 2003

       I'm afraid I'm too busy to comment on this idea now. Talk to my agent.
Cedar Park, Sep 20 2003

       My family does this with real camera crews. There was a news crew setting up in a mall to get footage of an empty phone store (a phone company had a walkout). So we all browsed the phones while the news cameras were rolling. Various family members have been in news footage several times, this way.   

       But this idea expands our role. One of us can be the "director" as the crew wraps up to leave. "That was great everyone"... "Sorry people, no autographs"...
Amos Kito, Sep 21 2003

       I remember seeing, a couple of years back, a service offered in Japan where businessmen could rent a family. The "family" would meet them from the train when they returned home from a business meeting, and would create the public impression of a loving family man.   

       The client would then presumably make his way to the exit, where he would part with his family somewhere on the street, and would head back to his bachelor apartment.
the_jxc, Oct 06 2003

       What would make this even more fun is to have the camera crew follow you out of the courthouse while you walk out with a jacket over your head. Also if there happens to be a high profile court case going on at the time you might even get the attention of the real news crews.
Jscotty, Jan 09 2006

       Why offer the edited version as an option? It is essential. The crew is much more credible if they are on a mission to make a good show out of it, otherwise they won't get paid. This hooks nicely into the 'vanity publishing' trend, where you can rent someone to write and publish a biography on you.
rrr, Jan 10 2006


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