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Flame for Hire

An elaborate way to tell off strangers
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An online service that will ghostwrite a unique flame message for you to post on a forum.

Styles include:
PhD intellectual
Radical extremest organization
Soccer mom
Hideously insulting/threatening
Barely legible maniacal rants
Extreme stupidity to implode their brain

Your enemies will roast to a crisp over brilliant written epic flames.

Aq_Bi, Dec 07 2005


       u 4got txt style
coprocephalous, Dec 07 2005

       Uhhhhh....what he said. Yeah.
Jscotty, Dec 07 2005

       You know... I can read those words, and I can say those words, but I just can't figure out what you're trying to say [miasere].
EvilPickels, Dec 07 2005

       The thesis mooted at this juncture is unworthy of further study. Such assistance would devalue the capable and the educated.   

       Aq_Bi must die! The people stand united in harmony!   

       Really, there is no need to be insulting. We should play nicely together.   

       I would eat his brain, if anyone could find it.   

       Millennium hand and shrimp, ye glaikit sumph! Pointless trash, trashy point, trashing people, arrrr.   

baconbrain, Dec 09 2005

       I think he said nobody would get what you're trying to say.
Eugene, Dec 09 2005

       Legalese gobbledegook: they think they know what you are trying to say, but cannot be sure.   

       Flame for hire: "Roll up! Roll up!Get your boy or girlfriends, here"
Ling, Dec 09 2005

       Good idea, but don't you think the people here are already all that you stated?
Tangora, Dec 19 2005

       Easy .. steady now .. if we don't scare him he may post again.
reensure, Dec 19 2005

       One word: Craigslist.
Juggalo4Eternity, Dec 20 2005

       //Whilst I find this concept interesting it does lack a knowledge of the common basics of psychoanilytical response to the said medium whereby the method of communication is hindered by the repository congulation.//   

       He means something along the lines of: 'whilst it is an intruiging service, it doesn't account for how people think, how they respond and how they spell certain words (for example, some people might use British English and others American English) whilst using message boards, forums, etc. The service would 'muddy the waters' a bit by the confines of the ghostwriters knowledge, as s/he doesn't know the background of the situation in which they are writing the flame.   

       And it's 'congelation', not 'congulation'.
froglet, Dec 20 2005


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