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Fettuccini Fiction

I Think I'll Order The Abridged Godfather
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Your waiter returns with an abbreviated work of fiction chosen from the menu, with a sequential narrative printed in food dye via a 'Pasta Printer' on each piece of flat Fettuccini.

You can then purchase your Pasta in the supermarket, or at the restaurant, based not on taste, but on flavour of literature. During the cooking process, the Fettuccini swells and mixes in the pot, each sentence twisting and turning, randomizing the story, but often whilst eating, an interesting scene emerges. You may then recite the bits that you can read, before stuffing them into your mouth, thus seeming interesting and topical.

benfrost, Jul 01 2006

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       Lasanga Literatue - the unabridged equivalent.   

monojohnny, Jul 01 2006

       We had fettuccini today, what a coincidence. I would like some more explanation about the pasta printer but I'll not withhold (sp?) my bun, +.
zeno, Jul 01 2006

       //Lasanga Literatue...// Apparently this was the unedited, unexpurgated, unspellchecked, and unabridged version of "lasagna (or lasagne) literature". I'm thinking that that this pasta requires a butter or cream sauce; A tomato or meat sauce will further obfuscate the already twisted story line.   

       Actually, I wondered why this angle wasn't brought up on the recent "Cup O Ads" idea. It's ideally suited for the short messages capsulated in advertising taglines. Or your fortune/horoscope. Every bite could be fraught with meaning.
jurist, Jul 02 2006

       What transparent sauce would you suggest?
sophocles, Jul 06 2006


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