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Fifty Frolicking Feline Masseuse Parlor

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Body feeling like its tied in knots of yarn?

Forget your troubles as our declawed felines knead nine lives back into your lower back.

Benadryl available for allergy sufferers.

RayfordSteele, Feb 26 2005

Very very close. Shih_20Tzu_20Shiatsu
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 26 2005]

Even Closer.... Kitten_20foot_20massage
[DesertFox, Feb 26 2005]


       Could of sworn this was a FJ idea, by the title.   

       Now let me get this straight. Are you trying to stereotype all cats into wanting to be subservant backrubbing slaves?   

       Female or male cats? Neutered or spayed? Short hair, or long? White or grey?   

       And have you considered the yaking up of furballs on the persons back, when they burp up their last meal? Or are you suggesting we use only non "eating disorder" felines. As in no bulimics need apply?   

       Your on a rocky road here, WayfordTeele.
blissmiss, Feb 26 2005

       I will vote for this if you remove the "declawed".   

       this idea does seem familiar though.
po, Feb 26 2005

       These kinds of places usually have to get washed out thoroughly by guys in hazmat suits. No disrespect to cats. Some of my best friends are cats, you know. So it's cool, I'm down.
Wisconsin, Feb 26 2005

       Declawed = evil.
waugsqueke, Feb 27 2005

       Her majesty, Simone Signoret, my cat friend of twelve years is not amused with the masseusse declawing comment. How could she draw blood and show who's boss otherwise?
mensmaximus, Feb 27 2005

       Are the cats dropped from a great height? Or are we talking about Halle Berry's grandma, in a cat suit, in a cat house?
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 27 2005

       Put tiny corks on the cats claws.
DenholmRicshaw, Feb 27 2005


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