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File Dis-Repairer

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File Corrupter: an application that allows the user to make a file corrupt on purpose.

this can be used to buy time to complete a project and maintain the appearance of on time delivery.

vfrackis, Sep 29 2014


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Hey! File Dat 2, Recardo!
pashute, Oct 01 2014

       [pash], have you been at that fermented schmaltz again?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 01 2014

       Simple enough. Take a file of a different type and approximately the right size, make a copy, and rename the copy, and point the file to the "correct" opening program.   

       This used to be a file extension change, but now can be done (for windows) by a right click, properties, and change the "opens with" entry.
MechE, Oct 01 2014


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