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Standard Folders

Empty folders pre-created in the My Documents directory
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Many, many computer users are such beginners that they don't realize that (a) when you save a file, it goes to a specific place on the disk, and (b) you can create NEW FOLDERS (!!!) so that you don't have to have all 1000 documents that you've ever created all in the same folder.

I propose (in the spirit of the Computer Manuals idea recently posted), that the My Documents folder come with empty folders already in it, e.g. Reference, Writing, Letters, Memos, Recipes, E-mails, Drafts, Current, Old, etc.

The Save As... dialog box would have big buttons whereby you could select the Standard Folder you are saving to.

People who don't use the My Documents folder (like me) don't need that other stuff, either.

phundug, May 15 2003


       To some degree this is already the case. XP sets up a bunch of folders underneath "My Documents", though they are more to separate file types than anything else. "My Pictures", "My Music", "My Videos" etc.
waugsqueke, May 15 2003

       //Recipes, E-mails, Drafts, Current, Old, etc.//

Some people are perpetually "beginners" -- they use the so PC infrequently, they don’t remember the system. So everything ends up saved in the default folder. Since even pop-up warnings are ignored, it would have to be a pretty fancy big button to get noticed.
But if you can succeed with this plan, more power to ya.
Amos Kito, May 15 2003

       No, no the "my" refers to the PC. You have to break the code to get them back into your possession.
egbert, May 15 2003

       Save as... will open a wizard, without the word 'folders' so that the ilfolderate don't ever have to know about them either. [+]
pashute, Mar 12 2006


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