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Bug fix commitment

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Some software companies such as Evernote, Spotify, and Google are well known to ignore some bug reports and leave them unfixed for years. Oracle has a Java bug report that has been open for over 10 years, despite commenters having offered easy ways to fix it.[1]

I propose that software companies take a pledge to deal with all reported bugs (whether this means fixing them, declaring that they won't be fixed because they're out of scope, or whatever) within a certain amount of time (such as a year), and if they don't, affected customers (or even all customers) will be entitled to get something for free (such as a year's subscription to the software/service).

This doesn't have to be an organized or centralized thing; each company can simply publish their own pledge on their website.

This will benefit the customers because bugs will get fixed more rapidly and reliably, and it will benefit the company by increasing their (potential) customers' trust in them.

notexactly, Jun 29 2016

[1] JDK-6315717 : Support For Mouse With Multiple Scroll Wheels and 4 or More Buttons http://bugs.java.co...g.do?bug_id=6315717
[notexactly, Jun 29 2016]

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