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Fingernail Flashlight

LED press-on nails
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Ladies, do you have difficulty holding a flashlight while working with both hands on a project? Are your fingernails bitten, cracked, and ridged? With our new LED press-on nails, you can solve both of these problems, and more. Do you ever break a nail while digging through your purse? Our new LED press-on nails will resist breakage, and light up the dark depths of your handbag at the same time.

These graceful press-on nails look natural, resist chipping, AND put out a hefty .75 lumens, enough to light up even the largest tote bag. Search the bowels of your darkest closet, check your radiator fluid on a moonless night, or just feel pretty knowing your nails are deluxe and high-lux.

Each LED press-on nail has one or more embedded LED's, each set in a pretty bezel. The nails come in three lengths -
1. Short 'n Sassy, which has a single LED in the center
2. Long 'n Lovely, which has three LED's: one at each side and one at the tip, for a pretty triangle shape
3. Full-On Talon, which has a line of four LED's running from base to tip.
Polish the nails according to your own personal taste - whether you use Chanel, OPI, or Urban Decay, these night-light nails will look great.

Power is provided from a power-pack finger ring, with tiny watch batteries hidden under beautiful simulated gems. Rotate the gems a quarter-turn to turn on the light. The power-pack rings come in three sizes, to correctly power each size of nail. The nails and rings are well insulated and heatproof to protect wearer from shock and heat.
A thin, flexible wire runs between the finger ring and the nail. This power wire attaches to and detaches from the nail with a friction fitting. When you aren't using the light, you can, if you like, detach the wire from the nail and tuck it into a hidden compartment in the ring. This friction fitting is located in the underside of the protruding part of the fingernail.

Nails are sold in sets, or individually. Starter sets include two LED nails (sized to be worn on the index finger), two power-pack rings, and eight normal press-on nails. Additional illuminated nails are sold separately. Rings and LED bezels come in silver-tone or gold-tone.

So why hold a flashlight in your hand, or strap it to your forehead, or when you can have it at your fingertip at all times? Give someone the finger today, and let it light her way.

Coming soon for our UK customers - Toenail Torches!

robinism, Jan 23 2005

Fingernail Flashlight ~bz [bristolz, Jan 24 2005, last modified Jun 28 2005]

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Not very useful as flashlights. [robinism, Jan 23 2005]

Press-on primer http://www.cutexnails.com/fakeit.html
[robinism, Jan 23 2005]

Supper at Emmaus by Caravaggio http://www.ibiblio....ravaggio/emmaus.jpg
Bristolz's drawing reminds me of Christ's extended hand [robinism, Jan 24 2005, last modified Jan 30 2005]

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       Nailed it.   

       BAked by E.T. [+]
Pericles, Jan 23 2005

       Do the LEDs shine both ways? I love shining flashlights/torches through my fingers to see the bones inside.
DrCurry, Jan 23 2005

       I'd use them to create a mystical effect when waving my hands around. [+]
pooduck, Jan 24 2005

       It's really practical in dark places. (+). The flashlight could turn on automatically in darkness, if the nail contacts some surface.
Inyuki, Jan 24 2005

       With the batteries disguised as gems, you could put them right on the nail, over a decorative pattern.
tiromancer, Jan 24 2005

       Nice, [bris]!
Pericles, Jan 24 2005

       Bristolz, I love the way the hand in the drawing emerges from the darkness with a burst of light. It reminds me of a drawing by Blake, a painting by Caravaggio (see link), a Clockwork Orange poster, a Fantasia poster with Mickey casting a spell, a hypnotist putting someone under, a faith healer blessing, the accusing finger, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come pointing the way forward to the next apparition, Drew Barrymore reaching for ET's finger, God giving the spark of life, a superhero flying toward us, a jet flying through the night, a comic book character reaching out, or a villian grasping for a handhold as he falls into the abyss. Very evocative.
robinism, Jan 24 2005

       Interesting, but not enough to make me finish my LED nail project. I've made this project, improved it five times. This is no where near the potential of the concept. If you'd have done five minutes of research, you'd know that putting LEDs on finger nails is like looking for accidents to happen to have your nails pulled off. Go try it and let us know how it works out. Just because people can write doesn't mean things are thought out. Snared.
mensmaximus, Jan 25 2005

       Ah, but thought out well enough for the halfbakery. I mean, it is the halfbakery.
bristolz, Jan 25 2005

       Five seconds worth of research tells me that there are surface mount, white, 100 mcd LED's that are less than 2 mm high. Easily enough attached to/embedded in a press-on nail and feathered in with epoxy (maybe even regular old acrylic nail material). I don't see that as a particularly risky proposition, especially if the LED's are mounted to the underside of a suffiently long nail.
half, Jan 25 2005

       [half] is back! [half] is back!
robinism, Jan 25 2005

       //Five seconds worth of research// ...you looked down at your keyboard?
tiromancer, Jan 26 2005


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