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Flaming Sword

looks really cool, but currently is only in stories.
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Flaming swords are a symbol of power found in many stories, but no one sells them.

Make a flaming sword by drilling a hole through the center of a sword and then some very small holes between the central hole and the sword surface. Fill the central hole with a flammable liquid, probably from a pressurized reservoir in the handle. Light the liquid leaking out of the small holes with an included igniter. Wave around.

sninctown, May 27 2006

Flaming Sword http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Flaming_sword
wikipedia article [sninctown, May 27 2006]

Samoan Fireknife Dance Competition http://www.flamingsword.net/
uses flaming knives [sninctown, May 27 2006]

Halfbakery: Scary Sword (2003) Scary_20Sword
The red contact lenses are a nice touch, too. [jutta, May 28 2006]

Krod Mandoon on Comedy Central http://www.comedyce...mandoon/index.jhtml
The sword probably does work the way sninctown described. Well done! (no pun intended) [Gamma48, May 12 2009]


       Alternatively, a flamethrower.   

       But seriously, to use my example, a flamethrower uses huge tanks that are strapped to the user's back. I can't see how a sword handle could hold much of anything.
hidden truths, May 27 2006

       Wasn't That Cool? That Thing I Saw In The Symbol Of Power? Whouldn't It Be Neat If It Were Real?   

       Are flaming swords really symbols of power?
jellydoughnut, May 28 2006

       They're used by fantasy warriors who are in their mid-life crises.
shapu, May 28 2006

       Do geek warriors have flaming swiss army knives?
jutta, May 28 2006

       Perhaps the makers of "Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire" were inspired by this idea? (link)
Gamma48, May 12 2009

       You would need to hold the flaming sword with the handle above the flames, which would make the flames come up and burn your hand. If you held it handle lowest the flaming juice would run down onto your hand and burn it. I think that the shrieking in pain would go some ways in decreasing the power symbol thing.
bungston, May 13 2009


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