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KISS Army Knife

It's not a Love Gun
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Bottle Opener, Corkscrew, File, Knife (2) [1 Penknife, 1 Large Single Edge Blade], Lighter, Plectrum, Retractable Ball Point Pen, Roach Clip, Scissors. Embossed with KISS Logo.
thumbwax, Jun 17 2001


       What, no plectrum?
Dog Ed, Jun 17 2001

       greasepaint included?
badoingdoing, Jun 17 2001

       Kiss knife?   

       Baked, in a way.   

       The CRKT K.I.S.S. Knives, designed by Ed Halligan. Got one right here. Nice.
tempt, Jun 18 2001

       Yes, that's a nice knife but nowhere as nice as the KISS Army Knife, now including plectrum, which I thought about, but figured since Air Guitar was the instrument of choice for most KISS Army members...
thumbwax, Jun 19 2001

       Does it come with a fake blood squirter?
Reverend D, Jun 19 2001

       .. and a MP3 player with the greatest hits in ROM?
rmutt, Jun 19 2001

       Don't forget the retractable, pre-cut coke straw.
kevins737, Dec 23 2001

       An additional knife for sacrifices to Satan?
Graciem, Dec 24 2001

       I play my air-guitar bare-handed, thank you very much.
RaoulDuke, Oct 06 2003

       Huh. I thought this was going to be for a Keep It Simple, Stupid knife. Like, a knife. And maybe scissors and file. That'd be it. Ah well, not the first time I've misread.
absterge, Aug 20 2004

       KISS Army deserters should be granted asylum.
Gamma48, May 12 2009


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