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A Star Wars weapon that can actually work
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A lightsabre: the most vicious weapon in the galaxy... Well, we haven't even invented a way to get to mars, or another galaxy, so this will be an alternative weapon. It is a laser, a pipe, 2 mirrors (1 semi silvered mirror and 1 normal mirror,) a solar energy cell and a piece of curved plexiglass. Connect the pipe to the laser. Then place the plexiglass on the pipe so it will make a curve around the laser's beam. Attach the solar receptors to the plexiglass, so that when the laser fires, it will 'catch' the light so that you have an unlimited supply of energy. Then, place the normal mirror at the end of the pipe so that it faces perfectly at the laser, and attach the semi-silvered mirror to the laser's lens so that the laser light will go out, but not back into the lens, which will make the laser explode. So then just flick the laser's power source to get it started. (The solar battery will have to be pre-charged to make it work.) Get it. The only downside is that only 1 half of the laser will slice thru anything. You could always sharpen the plexiglass, but that might complicate things with the solar cells. Try to picture what it will look like.
croissantz, Aug 20 2004


       In this bakery we obey the laws of thermodynamics!
swimr, Aug 20 2004

       Tell me, how effective can a plexiglass/solar cell weapon possibly be? and the way I understand it, the laser doesn't actually do anything but look pretty.This is about as far from //most vicious weapon in the galaxy//as you can get. sorry.
echo, Aug 20 2004

       Agreed. From which side will the cutting be done?
lcllam2, Aug 20 2004

       the sharpened edge of the plexiglass maybe?
stilgar, Aug 21 2004

       [croissantz] you're rivaling me in the fish stakes, what's going on?
scubadooper, Aug 21 2004

       I'm guessing that you got this ideas from my idea, didn't you?   

       As the others said, it would work because:   

       a) it wouldn't be powerful enough   


       b)the power cell wouldn't hold enough energy anyways
DesertFox, Aug 21 2004

       I have an early version picture of a laser sabre, but I can't seem to get it on the 'net. If somebody can create a universal website (with the HB's permission, of course,) then anybody who dosn't have a web page yet can upload their pics of ideas and stuff can do it. Anybody who is experinced enough can do it. It is kinda tough, but I know at least 1 Half-Baked member can try it.
croissantz, Aug 21 2004

       aha...tell me, do you know how many watts that would require?
the fiddler, Mar 06 2006


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