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James Bond's sharp bunch of flowers

a sharp bunch of flowers for james bond to stab his enemy with
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I am always confused in the bond films, when he is inteding to do business with the main enemy. Why does he not pull out a sharp bunch of flowers and shout "bunch of flowers" in process either stabbing them or giving them a heart attack.
gizmo, Dec 28 2001

(???) The Tessen http://www.grandmaster.cc/tessen.php3
A chinese fan that's got sharp metal bits in it for stabbing/beating. Some even have darts. What fun! [dr_photon, Mar 20 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Dr. McNinja's take on this - http://www.drmcninj...?pageNum=14&issue=2
Frozen four-leaf clovers as shurikens [normzone, Nov 28 2007]


       You mean you've never been stabbed with a bunch of flowers before?
Helium, Dec 28 2001

       I assume this will be baked when we have Eddie Izzard as the next James Bond, doing his Sean Connery impression throughout and armed with trousers that turn into jam.
wg, Dec 28 2001

       Sword Plants
thumbwax, Dec 29 2001

       baked - dirty den in "eastenders"   

       n.b. UK soap; den got killed somehow with a bunch of flowers - deserved every thing he got
po, Dec 29 2001

       I'd like permission to use that UB
po, Dec 29 2001

       no, I don't want to knock myself out, UB; I just want permission to use the phrase.
po, Dec 29 2001

       Yeah, that had me confused too. I thought that these flowers were for stabbing people, not for knocking them out.
cp, Dec 29 2001

(Pushing up) Daisys?
phoenix, Dec 30 2001

       Im sorry sir, but those flowers are far too sharp to bring aboard the aeroplane.
benfrost, Dec 30 2001

       all 201 were mincing up and down the aisles
po, Dec 30 2001

       Haven't seen much from [gizmo] lately . . . .
bristolz, Mar 20 2002

       If anyone has seen "Shogun Assassin", they surely remember the hero being attacked by two ninja-ladies wielding razor-sharp parsnips. Vegetables can be just as devastating as flowers, in the right hands.
brewmaster, Mar 20 2002

       Vicious, You hit me with a flower. You do it every hour. Honey, your'e so vicious...   

       Uhh, Lou Reed? I think
PaPPy, Nov 01 2002

       I think this is a great idea. Besides, you can make a person with allergies sneeze before you kill the
firebyrd, Dec 12 2002

       Something similar was done in "Crying Freeman" Yo's first kill was made by stabbing the target with a knife hidden in a bunch of flowers
abortretryfail, Jan 09 2003

       ow. imagine egtting impailed by a bunch of flowers!no!no! not the bleeding hearts!!!!!!!!! AAAHHHH !! SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ShnargleMonster, Mar 03 2003

       On a side note closely related to flowers, If you shoot a watering tube (from a flower) out of a paint ball gun it makes for quite the quiet projectile, much like a modern cross-bow… Well with out the cross. Just another flower weapon.
SunTzu, Jul 07 2003

       'gladioli' means 'little swords'.
pertinax, Nov 27 2007

       //'gladioli' means 'little swords'.//
So all those years, Morrissey was duping us that he was a pacifist vegitarian, whilst mocking us by waving around his gladioli?
I feel...soiled.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Nov 27 2007

       //Killsanthemums? //

Kris-santhemums surely?
DrBob, Nov 27 2007

       "gladiolator" - a punchline in search of a joke.
pertinax, Nov 28 2007

       Or you could use Guns 'n Roses, as in Terminator 2.
marklar, Nov 28 2007


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