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Flesh Colored Deodorant

Becuase we just don't think to tan our pits!
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Have you ever found yourself NOT having hours to sit outside in the summer acquiring that natural all-over tan? I'm sure everyone has. Also, when we may find ourselves soaking up the sun, how often do we think 'Did I get a full ten minutes for my underarms?'

Well, now there is (might be) a solution for all those times you wore a tank top and showed off your sunless underarms. A flesh colored deodorant! Yes, you heard it! This deodorant would be just as effective as your run-of-the-mill Degree or Mitchum, but, instead of striving to be invisible, it would purposely tint the skin of your underarm to match that of your natural healthy skin. It would be similar to liquid cover-up, only in a condensed stick form. It would come in various shades to match any complexion.

No more glowing white pits!

Newo Ikkin, Mar 01 2007

*flesh* changed to *peach* in 1962 by Crayola http://www.crayola....tory/chronology.cfm
partially as a result of the Civil Rights Movement [xandram, Mar 04 2007]


       But, but, I *like* my glowing white pits!
methinksnot, Mar 02 2007

       You could always buy the 'healthy ivory' color, just to take the greenish tint out.
Newo Ikkin, Mar 02 2007

       Maybe it should be available in other colors too. Dead Black, Iridescent Green, Peacock Blue.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 02 2007

       I tried tanning the underneath of my arms once. I didn't get very far.
wagster, Mar 02 2007

       What, only to the elbow?
methinksnot, Mar 02 2007

       [BrauBeaton] I'm not the REAL one... unless you're just young an 'underground' enough to know what my screen name means. OR you're referencing something that I totally don't get.   

       [Galbinus_Caeli] "Purple Pits! Don't be seen at the beach without them!"   

       A fish?! Oh noes! Is it that bad?! Sorry halfbakery, hopefully I can be more witty next time.
Newo Ikkin, Mar 04 2007

       Oh! I read it just the opposite way - thinking to myself 'how nice that this leaves open what the color of flesh actually is.' Is there a shorter, politically correct term for "a bunch of skin tones", then?
jutta, Mar 04 2007

       How about clothes colored deodorant? Isn't that half the problem?
ldischler, Mar 04 2007

       1962? I must have had some old crayons as a kid. (I was born in 1965 and I remember "flesh color")
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 05 2007

       Yeah, born in 1982 and I remember "flesh" colour too.
theleopard, Mar 05 2007

       Pluralising it to 'flesh colours' would work fine as a shorter term for 'a bunch of skin tones', but it's harder to adjectivise - 'flesh coloursed'?!
imaginality, Mar 05 2007

       Re: Crayola link, I had no idea that political correctness was so rife in the crayon industry. I'm surprised that under the circumstances, the following colours remain.   


       Purple Mountain's Majesty   

       Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown
Texticle, Mar 05 2007

       So... BrauBeaton is not a Coheed and Cambria fan. Darn! I thought I'd finally found one.   

       I can see how naming a peach colored crayon 'flesh colored' would be politically incorrect, but with things like cosmetics, you would expect them to come in various flesh colors, not *just* peachy ones.   

       I did think about the shirt colored deodorant, but then people would have to buy quite a few colors and we'd be right back in the 'invisible solid' rut.
Newo Ikkin, Mar 06 2007

       With the shirt colors thing we are getting off track. The core idea here is deodorant that changes the color of the skin underneath. You might need a shirt colored antiperspirant, as that is often opaque and kind of chalky, and tends to mark clothing, but if you use deodorant, that is usually not a problem.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 07 2007

       my armpits are pretty tan...dont listen to deodorent bottles. they lie. i bought some that said, "it goes on clear!!!" but it didnt. i wore a black tanktop and then put on my deodorent (i no ur suposed to put it on before but i forgot to) and it left white on my shirt. i didnt notice and looked really stupid when i walked outside. im such a loser.
bobathie, May 19 2007

       //I can see how naming a peach colored crayon 'flesh colored' would be politically incorrect// I thought flesh was always the same vivid red. It's the skin over it that comes in various shades, shirley?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 20 2007

       Are you serious? I thought her name was Nikki? Maybe I'm just confused...   

       I don't think I would have any use for this (I'm a were-lobster. Instead of becoming a wolf in the moonlight, I turn bright red in the sunlight). But I can see where it would be of concern to others, so have a bun.
Hunter79764, May 22 2007


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